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  1. ROLFMAO :lol: I Have DONT HAVE Aids, HIV, Herpies and any other disease you can think of (except the flu =D, and some other disease i cant spell... its something like broncotitise, lol). I also DONT HAVE the Bird flu... I have DONT HAVE feathers growing in places you dont wanna think about =D
  2. Wish i was... But anyways seems that my luck is coming back to me . Im winning more than losing, hehehehe
  3. ROFLMAO :lol: I have no luck on this game.... ROFL thats funny.... I wonder why....
  4. Na, i dont want to join this alliance. Ima form my own alliance, It will be named Untamed Savages If you guys want to join then look for my thread on the alliance forum. 3 more ppl needed.
  5. Id like to be the Fourth if you guys dont mind.... Player name: Slayer King
  6. Oh. I didnt read all the forums... i just skimed through em'
  7. AWE MAN!!! I still cant fight anyone. It still says im on tutorial mode. So im guessing you'll have to change mine maunally. By the way... I got an idea. At the creature section (on the game) they should have like "Sort Creatures" where you can move around the creatures... like kinda organnize it. And also have a prepare bind ritual's on the creature section, so instead of attacking then preparing a ritual you can prepare before attacking and set up a defense ritual as wel. Just an idea of mine what do you guys think?
  8. Thank you Manu. Ill go play right now. Ill post again if it works or not.
  9. I... I feel sorry for that physcho chick... shes been in that wooden room for such a long time... all she needed was a friend to talk to and a friend to play with =] and I... I... I was mean to her and said stuff i shouldnt have....BUT! she shouldnt have killed me! its not my fault she was stuck there! she didnt have to take her anger out on me! GAWD! I SWEAR! Why cant it be some pretty bombshell stuck with me in that wooden room! lol By the Manu can you tell me (in this thread) when your done fixing the toturial bug so i can own some noobs :lol: Thx.
  10. By the way Manu i didnt read ALL the forum threads... i just read a few
  11. I am soooo soorry ugauga... i just wanted to let you guys know my misfortunes... By the way... i cant fight anybody now... it say that im still in tutorial mode... Stupid physco chick!!! why do bad stuff alway happen to me? MAN! First i accidentaly reseted my account, then i had to reset it again because i keep on double clicking on the scroll's (Copy of map and the other one) and so it locks itself and i couldnt get it again! Even if i moved away from the paper cabin and comeback i still couldnt get it! GRR! Soo i had to reset my account like 4 times already... Now when i really need the
  12. HOLY!!! .....OMG!!! the storyyyy already ended!!!! NOOOO!!!.. DOnt ever get on the bad side of the pyscho chick! she will take away points and the story ends! WTF!
  13. Hey-lo ana, Anyways, the problem with me is that when i do read a book i cant seem to stop... i just wanna keep reading without interuptions. Dont think that im a book worm or something, cus im not, I barely read books. but, when i do find a good book its hard to put down. Its like an addiction..... (im not even going to smoke weed or something... who know's i might get addicted ) But anyways, It seems i am getting on the bad side of the girl in the story.... On the first question she asked me if i wanted to play, i anwsered "No, i hate playing with annoying pesky brats like you! go to HE
  14. Well, i did have a long chat with "Live Help" , hes/shes cool, and he/she told me that it was better that i started over because i finished the story too fast and didnt get alot of bonus and things like that. But hey what can i say, i got addicted to the story and wanted to finish it. Lol, i only picked out the 4-30 minute wait options. " Live help" told me that the 6hr wait and 24 hr wait are the best. I dont do the 24 wait because i dont like to wait for 24 hrs to play a game im starting to like .
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