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  1. Sorry i missed your birthday gonzaloszf, my friend, artist of my avatar. I hope you had a nice one! 
  2. Seeker? I gave you permission to post it in a forum message. I understand that people want to see it.
  3. I am very interested Menhir. Do you know something about Theosophy?
  4. Magistra


    @ No one   I would like it to be a guild for people who like to write irl. (I am a published author in my country.) The writing should be about MD or a general subject, but not about real life! Poems, stories, whatever. I am thinking about getting togheter once in a week or month, and discuss what we created. :D
  5. I would very much be a citizen of Marind Bell again. Please vote for me.
  6. Magistra


    I would like to start a guild for people who like to write in their spare time. I don't want this guild to be bound to a land. But unfortunately I don't know how to achieve this.
  7. A bit late, but still a very happy birthday.
  8. A very happy birthday Eara! May all your wishes come true!
  9. And just today it is my birthday ...
  10. Please dst, lett us not start this again.
  11. Thanks all of you people. This topic can be closed.
  12. i am very grateful to Chewett and Mur. I am free!
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