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  1. erm role play doesn't mean just that lol
  2. Hehe I was going to guess a sword of some sort.
  3. lol a couple of these are pretty gross =X
  4. Hehe, welcome, and that email was sent out like a month ago, please don't tell me you don't check your email only once a month lol....
  5. Oooo ok well maby, but it will probably mostly be TBG so I'd rather call it TBG.
  6. Oh darn well thats a realy good question thingy =)
  7. Hi and Welcome to these forums horrisyodo, thats a mighty scary pic you got there lol.
  8. Hello everyone =) glad to see a good TBG comming out soon hopefully, I've been craving TBG's for a very long time now and most that I've come along to have either been boring/too hard/too long or just clicking, let's hope you guys got the right combo =)
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