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  1. well i never considred the counter accuracy so important since the real counting its done on server and does not shift. THe coutner its just the display for the actual values. I will defenetly try to sync it better, but its not a priority for me now. I appreciate your comments they are usefull to help me to figure a solution for this. If you remember the coutner was much much worse some time ago , i think now its much better, so as you can see progress is done
  2. the problem is more related to the flashplayer you are running and also OS..i suppose you are on linux? ..just asking. it works fine for me on FF, actualy better than on IE, so i suppose the errors you get are somehow related to the software setup you have, anyhow, i will check it as best i can (no ideea how right now) and if its fixable i will and if not i will have to block certain configurations from accessing the site ..... if you can provide more info on what flashplayer, os, browser or anything else you are using it would be great thank you very muich for taking the time to post this
  3. there will always be players to complain and players to like it. I can only say i am sorry but the fighting is not what this game is all about. Real life is ballanced because of the freedom of decision and games usualy present a fake world where this dificult to understand ballance is usualy broken, magicduel is not far from this if you look at it just from the point of view of the fights. in real world you have the option to kill anyone , but of course also the penalty for it. Just because you are not a billionair and you dont rule the world that does not mean you suicide or "quit liffe".
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