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  1. Granos

    Bard for a day

    Given the recent anniversary I have been but in somewhat of a more social mood. To that end it appears the my other half (the player) is reaching their anniversary and I would like to commission some music to celebrate this event. Not just any music will do, no we require a magicduel related parody of songs that already exist. Example: Janie's got a gunJanie's got a gunHer whole world's come undoneFrom lookin' straight at the sun Instead: Granos' got a gun Granos' got a gun His whole void's come undone From lookin' straight at the Mur Note: This is just an example I am no artist This will be decided by community vote, but for more effort more points will be awarded. 1 up vote = 1 point 1 heart = 2 points Written = 1 point Audio = 2 points Video = 3 points The rewards: (note may be increased if there is enough interest) 1st place 5gc 2nd place 2gc 3rd place 1gc The last day of submission is the 5th of June 2021. Go forth and amuse me. Multiple entries are allowed
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  2. Avatar Trivia Night - May 22, 2021. Two sessions: 1500 and 2200 server time. Location: the Gazebo of Equilibrium. Each session will consist of 3 Parts - guess by clues, identify hand copies, and guess the name of the fossil. The avys used in the two sessions will differ, so you may compete in both sessions if you choose. Part 0 - before the event, hand-draw one avatar of an active player, save it by the "Store-it-Now" system with enough lifetime to last until after the event, and send me the link. Shoot for quality that would allow it to be guessed in exactly 10 tries. Part 1 - I will describe the avy of an active player, giving out clues one at a time in chat. First to guess it in chat wins a point. Part 2 - I will show the hand-drawn avys you submitted, one at a time, via link in chat. Person who guesses it first in chat gets a point. The person who drew it gets points equal to the number of guesses it took up to a maximum of 10, then falls by 1 point for each guess thereafter. No points if it takes 20 or more guesses to identify. 10 guesses means the difficulty was 'just right'. Part 3 - I will show avys of players not now active, as far as I know. First to guess who it is gets a point. Prizes yet to be determined; number of categories depends on the number that attend. At the very least a wish point will go to the grand total point winner.
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