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  1. Hello all, I don't have much time to explain everything nicely. Lately my mind has been bending from amount of learning and research available to me, so i'd much welcome your interesting questions about the universe.. If you are sort of a lazy person or not, this is the (seemingly) perfect quest for you to participate. Ask me 1 to 3 questions here on this post. If i like any of them i'll reward 1 silver. I'll also pick 3 winners who will win 2 golds 1 gold and 1/2 gold(silver equivalent) respectively. Not more than 3 per person, or at best i'll ignore the rest. please , + no personal questions, this isn't a truth or dare game, ignore the title. + no illiterate or 3000 pages articles. It can be in another language, as long as it can be translated somewhat accurately. + no overly technical speciallization stuff i have no idea and, this isn't the Wikipeadia. Or weird vodoo systems. + i much rather prefer cool stuff like syntrophic dust or smt, even if its a bit illogical + i'm not looking for snippets(like quotes) or "goodies", although they are welcome, humor too is welcome + A fine example would be: * What is the world? (too general but fine) - Answer: This is a world * What is 1+1 ? (well..not really learning anything) * I'm bored, is this normal? (well i'm too so..) * Does the emotion, rage, stack naturally? (great!) = win, however non MD related so EDit: Also, here's a song, since i'm traditionally a music person. No i'm not russian. Trick here, i might think, is the right questions, as the title says. However there can't really be wrong questions as well.. I'm not planning to necessarily try more than necessary to answer anything at all, i just want the questions. I'm a bit of a rough person as you might know, but don't underestimate my intuitive vision..that may benefit you/ And despite the title everyone is welcome to ask questions. Mur as well.. That's about it, i'm sure i forgot a ton of things. (i always do).. *goes to re-re-order some spell papers* edit-Forgot to add: NO Fang Arch-bane!, Although i appreciate the amount the annoyance some people of MD can make sometimes.
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