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  1. Sights are recommended for recurve/compound bows starting at 20+ feet from target Y beams as stabilizers are a must. Shifts gravity forward slightly Shock dampeners also shift weight (They aren't just flicky stress relief) Sights must be set to a Baseline (Distance, Weather, Wind Direction, Humidity,and Slope of Field) and adjusted accordingly as circumstances shift 90+Meters requires slightly heavier bows (and builds to match it) The art of Archery is as vast as the ocean. Any. Take your pick Arrows are commo
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  2. I spent an hour talking with Fang on Discord about Archery, the types of bows in standard worldwide competitions, components of a standard Recurve bow, how to make a personalised arrow legal for competitions, and discussed the meaning of life briefly. @Fang Archbane please comment a review on your learning.
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