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  1. Sights are recommended for recurve/compound bows starting at 20+ feet from target Y beams as stabilizers are a must. Shifts gravity forward slightly Shock dampeners also shift weight (They aren't just flicky stress relief) Sights must be set to a Baseline (Distance, Weather, Wind Direction, Humidity,and Slope of Field) and adjusted accordingly as circumstances shift 90+Meters requires slightly heavier bows (and builds to match it) The art of Archery is as vast as the ocean. Any. Take your pick Arrows are commonly made of 3 components (Wood/Aluminum/Carbon Fibre) Carbon Fibre is not to be messed with. Use gloves if making your own arrows using this Carbon Fibre tends to be the best arrow material (as long as you are CAREFUL) Every home made arrow is more or less as Unique as its Creator Archery arrows only need to meet a length, and fletchling color requirement Match, dont Clash… so speaketh the Wooky Draw Length is defined as the distance between the nocking point and the final resting place of your hand before loosing the arrow Nocking point is defined as the point you place the arrow on the bow Making your own arrows is a 3 stage process (Buy the arrow shafts & cut them down to required size/place tips & Nocks on arrow/Add Fletching) The longer an arrow is, the heavier it is, and the shorter it will fly Arrow length/thickness required is directly tied to one's own Draw Length and Stronger bows require thicker arrows in general, so they don't Speed Wobble In direct contrast, if using a Lighter bow you'd want smaller arrows Again, Carbon Fibre splinters are on another level, tread with CARE Cutting down an arrow is best done using a tool meant specifically for this task Tips come in various weights, do your maths, get the one that's right for you Competition archery requires you have three fletchings, and use a proper tool to verify that each piece is at a 120 degree offset Fletching tends to be 2 of one color, and 1 a separate color Competitive archery also requires you number your arrows for identification purposes Some clubs/competitions require metal inside your arrows in case they get lost in earth The meaning of life is complicated on a good day. An honest “i don't know” is a perfectly valid response. That being said, at our very core, we should always strive to help those we can, within reason. You wouldn't judge a book before you've finished reading it. In that same light, we shouldn't try to judge, so much as simply make the world a better place. Its ok to have flaws, stare them in the face and work to better yourself every day
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  2. I spent an hour talking with Fang on Discord about Archery, the types of bows in standard worldwide competitions, components of a standard Recurve bow, how to make a personalised arrow legal for competitions, and discussed the meaning of life briefly. @Fang Archbane please comment a review on your learning.
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