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  1. jakubhi

    Auction part 1

    sorry, forgot about that 😅
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  2. Chewett

    Scene Redesign Challenge

    A late one, but I finally have collated all the opinions: First - Aelis - The judges admired the large collection of people and the story to go with it Rewards: 2 Anni creatures! 3 gold coins, Second - Aia - An amazing job with modifying the scene in ways we didnt expect Rewards: 1 anni creature, 2 gold coins Third - Sushi - A wonderfully coloured scene! Rewards: 1 anni creature, 1 gold coin Everyone else: Nimrodel, Ungod, NathanBlake 1 gold coin for participation The rewards should be sent out by end of day today (UK day).
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  3. This quest is a repeat/rerun/finish of a quest originally run on Facebook (and possibly Discord?) by @Blackshade Rider The participants have been lost to the sands of time however I will re-open it s everyone who did participate can have a chance at even better rewards! If you participated before, please do submit your requests . If you dont resubmit I will spend some time copying them over (but ideally please do to save me time !) The quest is simple, take an avatar in MD and colour it in using any medium you wish. This quest will run for a month, ending 31st of August, please bump it as needed. Rewards The following rewards will be given: 1st place - 1 gold coin 2nd place - 7 silver 3rd place - 5 silver 4th place - 1 silver, 1 Lock in chaos stone In addition, for the top three places there will be one of each of the following reward: 1 Snowman 1 Santa 1 Wiiya Bubble creator (1 year lifetime, no restrictions on its use) First place gets to pick first, second place picks from the remaining two, and third place has the final remaining item. May the most interesting image win!
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  4. Chewett

    Facebook quest

    Given that this seems to be aimed at never "paying out" I have taken over this quest and am rerunning it. All those that submitted may re-submit it, or submit a new one as wanted:
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