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  1. Nimrodel

    A gift for Draconas

    Um.. he's a dragon who needs to keep up his hunting skills. He is soooo lazy all the time. Gifting him a tree will just... Make him lazier >>
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  2. Would it be possible to have a function to send each tool back manually to their original place prior to uses being depleted? This will help if someone takes something in error, or has been given something they don't really want personally and can't give it back due to 3 tool restriction (as has just happened to me lol).
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  3. See, this is what I mean about a thread (if you don't want it to be a steel thread of logic, think of another): a story that goes all over the place is hard to follow and people just give up. Writing can't be only fun, you have to work as well...sad, but true.
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  4. I think higher level clues should be unlocked by achievements awarded from your own research and ideas expanding on existing research or introducing new aspects of it. To me, as someone who is interested in research, this must be an interactively rewarded part of MD. I don't want to just mindlessly unlock research by wishpoints I get from logging on a certain amount of days. I want to unlock it because I have worked to achieve it.
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