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  1. Burns

    Drachorn Charms

    As some of you might remember, i used to be the drachorn guy. I just realized how long it's been when i looked up the corresponding announcement https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4044 To my knowledge, there hasn't been any serious attempt at picking up the role, so i once more encourage whomever it may concern to prove your skills and claim it for yourself! About the poll, i don't consider the charms 'mine' anymore, but i still have technically unlimited access to the drachorn cave. Seeing as i finished my exams, i can make a little more time for MD again, and if the
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  2. That script was super old and not properly using the old DB layer (let alone trying to use the new one). Its fixed up now and I will review all the crons now. Many thanks No one!
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