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  1. Pipstickz

    Sic Semper Libertas

    I have constructed for myself a makeshift theatre out of things I had lying around. The stage is logs and branches tied with string, just barely supporting the weight of a tablecloth curtain, the floor the grass underfoot. I have been performing the last few days and nights to my creatures. Here I will log some performances, others will be lost to time.
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  2. Burns


    Split off an interesting bit of discussion about the scene name "Pathway to Pips Palace" to ~Mod B
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  3. Rophs

    Discord Emoji Competition

    The emoji competition is going to end one week from the timestamp on this post.
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  4. Myth

    Memory Stones

    I have 82 of them.   Should anyone need any, give me a nudge (either here, or in-game to Asthir / Myth, whichever works for you).   What will follow: - we'll find each other - I'll send the stones over - you use how many you need - you send the rest back   I'll update the thread if the number changes.
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  5. Topic can be closed. Im not getting any offers that genuinely interest me. I will be putting it to other uses thank you
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  6. For some one who wasnt a bidding party your sure making alot of complaints. I said i can cancel at any time. my choice. I agree with this. Thanks
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  7. Junior

    A Real Revival Auction

    I Would like to auction off a single use of my revival tool. Min Bid 7GCS Furthermore you will have to provide the Gold for the process. Use will be ONLY Contingent on whether or not I am in Cooldown Period.
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  8. I decided to keep them for other uses. Did you read that part? It wasnt about the money. And again your not a bidding party. If either one of THE BIDDING PARTIES NOT NON BIDDING PARTIES have a problem they should had said. I Dont honestly care if there feelings were hurt about it or not. They are mine. And yes i set a min bid of 5 gold. yes sure its a fair deal, but i waited and waited and then i found a better use for it than selling it. SO IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM <<<<<<<OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER there a thing called Ignore button. If you dont like it, well oh well
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