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  1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea

    Arachnid Artisans

    This quest is built of 3 parts. The first person to complete part 1 will cause the reveal of part 2 to everyone when/if they complete part 2. Same with part 3. Part 1: Build a spider web. Part 2 revealed by Faceless: Capture an image of a real spider on your web. You can build it out of any materials you like. No drawings, only builds. Please take and post a photo of your spider web and ensure there is a piece of paper in the image with your MD name and the date on it. Prizes depend on how you play. Part 3 is a live event and will be held sometime from the 28th of
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  2. Muratus del Mur

    Fate of Necrovion

    good its closed, gave me a chance to read it all.   - a land is social unity combined with placement. If one fails , all fails. Don't confuse citizenship with nationality - read sun tzu -> the art of war, yes defeating an entire land without hurting a single one is not only possible but the ultimate purpose of a perfectly done war. - of the land gets closed, the purchased or given access will not be revoked but will become useless... however if the land opens, the access will be meaningless.     i will get back with a decision after hearing what chew has to say. Azull
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