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  1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea

    Arachnid Artisans

    This quest is built of 3 parts. The first person to complete part 1 will cause the reveal of part 2 to everyone when/if they complete part 2. Same with part 3. Part 1: Build a spider web. Part 2 revealed by Faceless: Capture an image of a real spider on your web. You can build it out of any materials you like. No drawings, only builds. Please take and post a photo of your spider web and ensure there is a piece of paper in the image with your MD name and the date on it. Prizes depend on how you play. Part 3 is a live event and will be held sometime from the 28th of October. If nobody reaches part 3 by then...that part won't happen. Z
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  2. Muratus del Mur

    Fate of Necrovion

    good its closed, gave me a chance to read it all. - a land is social unity combined with placement. If one fails , all fails. Don't confuse citizenship with nationality - read sun tzu -> the art of war, yes defeating an entire land without hurting a single one is not only possible but the ultimate purpose of a perfectly done war. - of the land gets closed, the purchased or given access will not be revoked but will become useless... however if the land opens, the access will be meaningless. i will get back with a decision after hearing what chew has to say. Azull sent me his view on things, so did dst, For now, what things i am thinking so far: - Name of the land will not change - Land will not be fully opened, this would be like mocking its long guarded secrets forever, and has no meaning in all this, this is the problem of the people of this land not of the land itself. - This will trigger a series of changes not a single one, expect to see them announced one by one..and some will not be permanent. - I received offers to "buy back" the ally via wishpoints and trust points, answer is no, not this time This issue is... there is a king, the crown(s) are valid. there is a land, there are no people, or at least they failed to defend themselves against treason. If i punish the people i hurt the land, if i hurt the land i hurt md, the question is WHO will take all the mess in the end, the ex citizens, the king, the land, md? From a principle point of view, to solve this issue it requires motion and should lead to motion, not a static solution. A punishment, direct or indirect, would be fastest way, but i admit its the bad way (still might do it)...the correct way would be "change", that means motion.
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