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  1. i use burst so i could hide the fact that i was the attacker :) 
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  2. Nimrodel

    "Burst" or not ? Why ?

    I don't burst much. When I do it's usually for the ve.
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  3. It is green. Mur's name appears as red in the chat and Chewett's appears as orange, but when they make realm-wide chat announcements, the text they send will appear as green.
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  4. Assira the Black

    Quest Ideas

    Some people just do not have the time or drive to make quests. So if you have a quest idea and want it to be run, then I will do the work for it. For example making the storyline, entering it in clickies, coding it (if it is beyond my level of coding then I will find a coder), and etc. Pm me privately. You will get credit for coming up with the idea unless you wish to remain anonymous. This goes for the MD birthday and through out the year. This is not a limited time offer
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