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  1. I apparently spend too much time on Pinterest and Tumblr. For no good reason, I felt the need to make bad MD valentines real fast and share them. And then I had the very bad thought that others may also want to make and share MD valentines. So happy pre-Valentine's Day people! Have fun and add if you want
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  2. Very nice idea, especially the last one ;) Here some quick actions from the morning minutes [URL=http://www.pic-upload.de/view-29705255/burst_vd.jpg.html][/URL]
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  3. MRWander

    MD Valentine's Day cards

    Will you be my  Spoiler   You make my heart (dr)ach   Remain mine   Morph into my valentine
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  4. The above image (click to enlarge) breaks down the interface into different areas, 22 in fact, the rest of this post will go over each area as to what it contains and useful info about each bit. If as a new (or old) player, you feel there is information that should be added to this, please send me a message suggesting such. 1 The top bar, often not seen because of it's unobtrusive nature, is very useful. As a new player there are 4 buttons that will matter the most to you, the rest look at, but they're not as beneficial at the outset. - The first being the "View Announcements" button, thi
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  5. these are so bad they are good. Cheered me up no end :)
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  6. fixed much more accurate now because it was not x$ credits (when you buy you get a bonus too so that was not 1$=1c), now is better   thanks
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  7. The image still contains the $ dollar symbol as well.
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