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  1.   Exactly. Whilst they are learning the very basics, learning the ins and outs of fighting, moving around, etc, then that is when we should be helping them. Not if they wish to rush through MP3 to get to MP4, without taking proper time to learn about what they're doing; that is then their choice.    Where is your proof to say this is rare? Right now I see TheTigerLady - 30AD and Asthir - 419AD. I think it's impossible to say what is or isn't "rare" as it depends solely on the person in question. As there have been few new players lately it makes it even harder to sa
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  2. Aeoshattr

    Emotional Connections

    If this is the specific issue that announcement was referring to, then surely this is mildly outraging? I understand that neither Chew nor Mur would want to "sort out the chaos" left behind by someone leaving, but this quest is finished; if I am not mistaken, most if not all missing rewards are now in Aethon's possession; furthermore not even all the rewards he was giving out are his, some have been sponsored by others! I'm not saying Mur (who I think contributed an item and some SC) is worried by where his silver goes (most likely) but the message this is sending is simply disappointing. 
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