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  1. There was a discussion about the players in game mini profile and whether it should be changed or not. In game mini profile , in case it's not clear, is the name for this : So, do you people like it the way it is ? Do you think changes should be made and if yes, what would you like to be changed ? Consider the following in your suggestions : player descriptions alliances mp6 ui players with no description and no information either P.S. Will add more things to be considered in the list as people suggest, those were suggestions made during the discussion as well
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  2. Jubaris

    Monday Evenings

    Every Monday, around 21:00h (server time), I will be at the Marble Dale Park. I am updating my quest papers, which should be done by Monday, introducing few new tasks, dedicated mostly for the players in their first few hundreds of activity days. Some of the quests/challenges that I develop will be 'playable' only during those gatherings. Rewards will be appropriate :) It would be lovely if other people would join in, participate and interact, perhaps create tasks and games of their own every now and then, in the spirit of MD birthday festivals. Marble Dale Park is the place where players end their story mode stasis, so I hope this to be the start of 'newb-stimulating'. Those evenings will also be a perfect opportunity for people to speak to me about anything in relation with the affairs of Marind Bell, I will be in a much better mood than I would be regulary. That's about it - comments and suggestions are welcome, hope to see you there!
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  3. more badly edited pictures, yay! http://imgur.com/FSOZJvI Sy edit, page 2, and buttons to change from page 2 and 3 would not be shown if the player has no tag
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  4. awiiya

    The End Of Jester's Reign

    And so it goes. Kings are a mistake, a large mistake. No one is fit to fill the role of a King, and anyone attempting it will quickly be treated with contempt by their subjects, who will feel dejected and uncared for. Awi
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  5. did not expect? he actually told me about those crits and i SAW them on his profile too old for him to use... he said "Oh vicious i have a surprise for you when i get mp5!" i LOOKED at his crits and he had them... you can't lv crits past your MP level... but you can recieve them above your MP level and on your MP level... its not that i didn't expect it... i KNEW he had those crits but i couldn't be bothered dealing with the crap excuses people would give me this and don't warn me about rep spamming and do it to me chewett you massive hypocrite...
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