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  1. Problem solved! We all PM to Fang then he resends them to whoever is the receiver :D   Plus! Wookie, you can thank Fang, cause now you don't need to do all the coding for the new PM system :P     Edit: And the best of all - we all get to blame Fang if any message gets lost/mis sent/altered etc. :cool:
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  2. A new generation of items was released not long ago, as a feature, and we are close to implement the first functional item using this. Entire MD gameplay will shift heavily towards the use of such things.   At Road of Battles is the first example, its one step from being released and announced but i will tell you here what it does because you should all know this before the madness begins :D   You click the item, it will require water and compost to grow. You provide these from your inventory, if you have them, if you don't then go gather some resources. Take a bucket and collect
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  3. Can we fix the bridge to oak fort and have it break after so many people have crossed it so it needs repairing again?
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  4.   Um... not trying to down the mood or anything but... The entire MD Population (that matters) is already on my gigantic friends list so... Ya know... No need for this at all.   But it WOULD be nice to be able to find specific pms. Yes it could be used to contact anyone whenever, but, ya know, tomatoe tomatoh ( o3o)
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