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  1. Shemhazaj

    Conspiracy Theories

    [color=#808080][i]156) Supporter status is fake. MD servers are being provided for from illegal nightshade plantations.[/i][/color]
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  2. I understand, Aqune, and have heard much the same report. However, I was told at one time that my alliance would be recognised, and I intend to press the matter. More contemporary concerns about whether or not there should be new alliances do not much move me: this is an old story, and as Calyx says, the time to honour this old promise is long overdue.
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  3. [quote name='Glaistig' post='23141' date='Dec 30 2008, 01:44 PM']Has the moon ever even appeared in MD?[/quote] [spoiler]Yes. It can be seen in a certain place in Story Mode.[/spoiler] [quote]I'm not up-to-date on the AL or MD lore...[/quote] See the AL, pp. 343-4. [quote]...but if it's not mentioned I'm not exactly sure how your lovely characters know about such an object.[/quote] Many of us suppose our characters had lives in other worlds, before they came to the world of MagicDuel. [quote]Although, I suppose you could just say a myth has been passed down from generation to generat
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  4. Over four months ago, four people met in secret to share a dream: a new alliance devoted to the worship and lore of the Moon. Since that time, their leader, Penelope LightMoon, has left the game... but the other three have continued her work. Penelope spoke to the God Muratus and informed us that we were on the verge of being approved as a new alliance, that all we lacked was our badges. So we waited. And we waited. We took our astronomical ideas to Bootes and worked out a consensus with him. We took our need for a home to Loreroot, and agreed to become a guild of the Guardians of the R
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