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  1. [b]the following is a rant about the evils of God-Modding.[/b] pretentious and self-serving...oh, yes. if you think this is referencing you, i'm sure it's just your imagination. if your positive it's you, then...whoops. same rules apply as [i]"the path"[/i]. [attachment=1940:godmodding is lame.ppt] after downloading click view>slide show then left click to move forward *laughs* yeah i know. i'll try to find a different format other than ppt in the future.
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  2. So many thing go full circle, so many things come and go, so many things end to bring anew... life goes on again. ~As the sun sets in the west, it rises that same moment in the east. A dying day giving its light for another dawn... ~Without light there is no darkness, it is unknown without its opposite. A child knows not darkness until it is born into the light... ~Life must have death, with their grim friendship they keep the world in balance. Life is a battle, there are those who win and those who die... ~As a man comes down a path, he also goes from where he came. There is no destinati
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  3. [color="#808080"]"Darkness! I see darnkess. I hear nothing, i fell nothing - where am I? I move my head and I realized something with my head is unfamiliar to me. Yet my whole body feels so. My body? I try raising my hands and touch my chest but my fingers touch only a rib of bone. My finger? I try looking at them but all i black around me. I try to feel with them but I have no feeling in my fingertips anymore. Hard phalanges instead of soft skin protecting warm tissue. I get scared. What happend to me? I canĀ“t remember anything, who am I? Where is this? Why am I laying on my b
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  4. ( The essay was left folded on an empty desk; the broad windows seeming to cast all points and rays of lights to the small parchment with it's coal handwriting. Drift had left his mark at the bottom. It had arrived by mountain eagle, clutched in the birds beak and left to rest on the desk.. for the man had been absent for days from the mainland of the Realm, considering, contemplating, mayhaps creating while he walked the mountaintops of Golemus) THese few days among the mountains have given me much time to think. I have hunted for food once more, and survived only by my wits and strength o
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  5. vampir


    If payments would stop tomorrow and there would be no more creature fights nor tokens in the shop they would all still reside in my heart If i let everything be free and give the power to the masses my nature would accept the change but my tainted soul would burn the freedom If i was to move on, athough not sure where, what i have left does not satisfy me what will come is an adventure however i'm uncertain i'm ready for If the rest of you would leave tomorrow, simply i would be no more, will ever come The One, and be welcomed in My little World?
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