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  1. ( The essay was left folded on an empty desk; the broad windows seeming to cast all points and rays of lights to the small parchment with it's coal handwriting. Drift had left his mark at the bottom. It had arrived by mountain eagle, clutched in the birds beak and left to rest on the desk.. for the man had been absent for days from the mainland of the Realm, considering, contemplating, mayhaps creating while he walked the mountaintops of Golemus) THese few days among the mountains have given me much time to think. I have hunted for food once more, and survived only by my wits and strength o
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  2. Udgard


    Random comments: @firs: I agree that land alliances should never permanently move to another land, it just defeats their purpose. But as the example you mentioned, if they think they are protecting it from a terrible king/queen, the best position to fight would be from out of the land. Otherwise, the members might be banned/excommunicated for treason before they can actually fight.. Nevertheless, I personally think a guerilla land alliance should wear a different name (or even a totally new temporary alliance) instead, and leave the original land alliance in the land it belongs. @yrth: vot
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  3. Add it into the MD Awards? Happens at the end of each year, might be a nice addition to it Think of a fitting name, suggest it when I make the thread (i set myself a reminder last year for this year )
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  4. argos

    Protector Is Changing

    so none of you have anything??? Well, anyway, there is just one more thing, is this good or bad I mean i can leave my protector without paying anything like you guys a, and all it takes is me to log off and on a couple of time
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  5. Burns

    Mp5 Only Features

    You're picking the wrong things, it wouldn't make sense to only have mp5+ as citizens or allies, that's something pretty common. What i think should be limited is spell-casting abilities, e.g. mirror, guardian, invisibility, other army are some advanced magics that could be allowed on mp5 only, other stuff like movelock, attacklock, give vital, no armor, weaken are by far less advanced spells and could as well be allowed on mp4 imo. Some armors, mostly Medusa and Sun God, could be restricted for MP3/4, since they are advanced gears, too. I would even consider restricting creatures, but on
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  6. awiiya

    Apostrophes Ugh

    So I've been having some issues with the displaying qualities. I'm fairly certain the issue is the html and css of MD rather than php, but here is a watered down version of what I'm having issues with: html side [code] <form method="post" action=""> <textarea rows="20" cols="30" name="ApoProbs"> Add apostrophes or quotes in this box!! </textarea> <input type="submit" value="Submit!"> </form> <--! content separator --> <style type="text/css"> //This CSS is used to ensure that the pre will have wordwrap, rather than extending all the way off
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  7. Name: – Lazarus Player ID: – 160779 Title/Tag: – The Unholy Role: – A warrior struggled to find wisdom, but got devoured and blinded by darkness within his heart and his own true nature (story still being worked out). Interests: – The General Necrovion, Power. Petition: – He found his home in the dark lands, serving it with all his life and loyalty.
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  8. Blackwoodforest

    Passive Absence

    As some of you already realized, i am not that much online ingame nor I walk around a lot anymore. The reason is simple and some may laugh but i am tired of being penalized due tu skill damage. And I fail to see walking around and seeking 3 sword fights on mp5 level on noobs where I know I can win, and only one lost fights makes me lose those gained stats in an instant. It´s sad my role is suffering under this and i don´t know if I want to go into negative stats, at least i raised this character and I have a right to be a fighter somehow for sure. Right now I don't want to spend that much time
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  9. Manda

    Extreme Magicduel

    woa i never had - VE maybe - VP but mmm stararnge
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