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  1. Ivorak

    Roguelike Celebration

    The Roguelike Celebration is an online conference celebrating roguelikes and similar games, with talks given both my game creators and players. Last year's conference was held in an interactive online space styled after a MUD. It was designed for the conference but open-sourced for similar events: https://github.com/lazerwalker/azure-mud. Sharing here for two reasons: Current MD players might enjoy attending the event (will take place October 16th & 17th). Seems like something that would appeal to a lot of you, and you might come back with some ideas to add to MagicDuel. They currently have a call for proposals open for new talks. If there's an aspect of MagicDuel you find particularly intriguing, you should consider submitting a proposal by June 25. Speakers are paid, and you might even attract a few new players to MagicDuel. You can also talks from last year here: https://roguelike.club/event2020.html If you're thinking about submitting a talk proposal, consider sharing it here for feedback from your fellow MagicDuel adventurers. Also feel free to throw out some ideas for talks you think might fit the CFP but aren't something you personally feel qualified to talk about; maybe someone else will pick up the torch.
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