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Nava Rising

Commission for Nava.
"Far beneath the mainlands exists a boundless realm made of infinite spiders. This place's name is Nava. Through her avatar, Nava acts as the Queen of Spiders. However, she is just as much the Queen as she is the Spiders.

There is this primordial chaos that exists within every person, and if one is able to tap into it, they can unlock limitless potentiality.

You need only stare into darkness and imagine. Be it in MD, or the outer world. And it doesn't need to be a literal darkness, but it can be."


© Sushi
From the album:

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Proclamation after proclamation.. I'd love to see evidence or perhaps effort for why you think these things. I could probably prove you wrong on half of them, and don't get me wrong I'm not trying to prove you wrong. Simply claiming a role has been met with denial in the past.

Be careful when what you say suggests others don't have their own freedom.

Cool scene.

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I personally have no quarrel with your mad claims etc, but when you drag the shades and the sentinel into it, or claim that "all are i, my will is your own, nava of nava nava" you start to cross a line. The road youre on wont lead to results, and if they somehow do, something i seriously doubt, youll simply become something nobody accepts. Which is fine, insanity only needs to exist in the mind of the one thats insane, but do us literally all a favor and try to keep your madness to the only one it pleases, yourself.

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*shrugs* if you say so, im not one to argue with someones whos literally [Redacted]. Ill let time prove just how much a laughing stock you are. Enjoy your slow but entertaining descent into a babbling wall licker.

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Lying isnt your trong suit. Practice a few more years before you try that with me again or you'll get the same results. Then again, doing the same thing and expecting different results IS the definition of madness.

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