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So, time for what I hope will be construed as some constructive criticism:

While it does look good overall, it contains a key element that it shouldn't, at least, not with as much visual influence as it does, and that is the torch. In the very very few scenes that contain an actual, lit, light source, the Underway Cavern being one of them, the light is positioned in such a way as to illuminate the entire scene, and doesn't produce edges that are quite so hard. I believe the torch would have been placed in the room rather than the staircase, and that the staircase would have been drawn as if it were still moderately well lit. The torch being in the room rather than on the stairs would also eliminate the bright spot on the ceiling, which causes more attention to be drawn to the lighting of the scene than I believe is normal for MD.

Now for a bit of nitpicking. How thick are the cobbles around the door frame supposed to be? If they are as thick as it appears on the top-left corner of the frame where it starts to leave the wall, (by my eyes, I'd guesstimate they are sticking out of the wall anywhere from 4 to 6 inches) shouldn't we be seeing the sides of them on the inside of the frame? If they are sticking out this much, shouldn't there also be a minor shadow around all sides of the frame before they meet the wall? The way the rest of the frame is drawn, shadowing included, suggests a more typical framing size, a max of 1 inch or so sticking out of the wall.

Overall though, I do love the drawing, I just felt the need to give some criticism to help get you closer towards the MD look and feel.

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