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old pic...was also going to use in quest... had a good intro to it:

you find a stag who is caught by his enormous antlers in a tangle of vines and brush...you lift your bow to take this gift.. but you cannot come to kill the noble beast and so at the risk of your own life, you approached the desperately thrashing beast and with your dagger, and cut the vegetation that binds him..... once free, the giant stag looks you in the eye for what seems a long time, then bolts and runs, disappearing into the woods...late that night while sitting by your campfire, an owl suddenly fly's into the clearing...it has the same look in its eyes as that of the stag. When you sleep that night, you dream. In your dream the stag is a man with antlers growing from his head... he speaks to you, thanking you for your help and gives you a gift in return...it is a stone with a strange glyph upon it...you look up as the man changes before your eyes into an owl and fly’s away screeching with laughter. You wake suddenly from your dream to the sound of a screeching owl as it fly’s away into the distance...it was only a dream you laugh...but in your hand you find the glyph stone.


© BT
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