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  2. Steno Quest: Cognitive Dissonance-Jester's Jamboree https://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/19198-cognitive-dissonance-a-jesters-jamboree/ Description: The Jester's messed with Chewett's Role/Tag machine! People have been assigned new roles, help figure out what that new role is! Reward: Winner from lottery gets 2GC and 5 extra plushies (if you're okay with that). Winner from community vote gets 1 WP and 1 anniversary creature Timeframe: Now until close of anniversary. Community voting will close within 7 days of end of anniversary. Steno: You're hungover... again - https:
  3. Day 6 - Monday 19th - @Aia del Mana Loreroot!
  4. Day 5 - Sunday 18th - Necrovion 19:00 ST - CoE ceremony: Join the Children of the Eclipse at 19:00 Server Time, at Wasp's Altar, for a ceremony and initiation. 21:00 ST - Limericks - Fyrd at MD Archives building 4_1x2_6
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  6. Yep, that’s what I mean Queen of the Necrovion nomads.
  7. After all, it is up to the caretaker to not carelessly give away his gifts.
  8. As long as she has followers, Syrian still is the queen in exile of the Necrovion people. Even if the land itself doesn't currently acknowledge her as such. And I do believe many still see her as such.
  9. Canonically I do not believe there is a Queen anymore of Necrovion however Syrian is welcome to style herself as she wishes.
  10. Honestly I still think phantasm is to master-chiefly to blame for giving Ledah the tool in the first place, even if Chewett enabled the transfer.
  11. May I confirm that this declaration is made as Queen of Necrovion, and in doing so, that Necrovion's Queen now has dominion over it?
  12. you break my heart sometimes, i almost downvoted that
  13. As Queen of Necrovion i would like to say that the revival of Magohi makes no stance on the current conflict regarding Granos, and we do not wish to get involved. His revival was done as a service that he has paid for. Necrovion will always provide such services if they are available and people are willing to pay the price, though, perhaps they may not always like what that price entails...
  14. MaGoHi likes the stack system, its primarily his brainchild (somewhat), I believed he wanted to extend it further but maybe this was not his intention.
  15. Combat cooldown has been reverted, the special changes planned for today have been paused due to Mur's work on MD/Combat.
  16. I think this is an elegant solution, if there's no significant reason to bar disparate MP interaction
  17. Okay, Mago is talking about extra info. Chewett is talking about streamlining the transfer of many, many common objects like piles of resources. My "ugh" refers to the stack being NOT optional, as I want to retain the ability to move just one of a common item. I don't like stacks in that they are all or nothing. I want control.
  18. my idea was just to show in the box how much you have or if you have that common item, so if you scroll through the inventory of another play and something catches your eyes you immediately see if you have it or not, without having to enter your inventory to check if you have it
  19. Ugh. Only if it's optional. I want to be able to give ONE common something, even if it means having to do it 12 times for a dozen.
  20. I think he means it should display how many of an item you own when you're looking at someone else's inventory.
  21. Ah so we could make a stack system for common items? So they need to be traded as bulk? Interesting.
  22. We all have a very long list of items in our inventories and it is very annoying to switch between your own inventory and another players inventory so my suggestions is: In the hover over field add information if you have the item in your own inventory already, like this:
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