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  2. To be fair, I can make Heat Stones as well. And I farm my own memory stones so... They're all essentially free. I plan on being much more active for the perceivable future so, just find me and ask if you're ever in need.
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  4. Couldn't read the rest (too long) but i'm forever grateful Mur. Cause: "Over the years, in MD, many people learned things that eventually changed their life." if someone (from my friends) want some of that learnings, i'm happy to share. Best do it as question format. (you know about rules and laws). When i've time to check pm s, i'll enlighten you.
  5. It's good to know. Thank you.
  6. Heat stones can be made by those that hold the required tool. Usually you only have to provide memory stones and maybe heat. I think currently Syrian has such a tool. As for market value. Not much. Unless the supply and demand ratio changes
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  8. as a follow up, here are two screenshot's of the error.
  9. Topic but for a little more clarity, ive recently come back to MD after years of inactivity. i tried to edit my papers (and by papers i mean all of them)and im getting a repeating error message all the way down the screen. i can still read the papers as they were but any attempt at editing gets borked. as a side note, i first tried to edit my papers on GWI, but after failure there i went to the MDA. same result both times
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  11. Hello. I happen to have a Heat stone. But I'm not sure about the price. Could you probably give me an offer? I suppose we can work out a deal.
  12. Congratulations @Chewett for solving the puzzle first! Congratulations @Syrianfor getting the fastest time for September! You both earn 5SC! For October's Puzzle: Tools (I was too busy to spend more than 10 minutes of effort, next month I'll go back to lands and use the AL and Announcements to make it more relevant) https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1503765/ Good luck!
  13. After browsing various forums, I decided this is the best one to hold my topic, mostly because it seems Rumi tried to bring some botanical knowledge into MD just as I would (I don't know Rumi, though). This text is not focused on the community garden. However, it's directed at the same kind of people that would get involved in the creation of a garden, hence the choice of place. Botanical knowledge, I think, is just another layer that can be added to MD, even if the core refers to introspection and exploration of the mind. I think the creation of self has a lot to do with what surrounds u
  14. "To become the wind in the dead of winter

    and howl the undoing of all that would abide in warmth and light"

  15. Does everybody have broken icons on the forum?

    1. Ungod


      now that you mention it...

    2. Syrian
  16. Only a few days left to beat the fastest time! also, if you want to have your land/alliance/guild/whatever MD related featured for October, just send me your topic and at least 15 words to include!
  17. Sights are recommended for recurve/compound bows starting at 20+ feet from target Y beams as stabilizers are a must. Shifts gravity forward slightly Shock dampeners also shift weight (They aren't just flicky stress relief) Sights must be set to a Baseline (Distance, Weather, Wind Direction, Humidity,and Slope of Field) and adjusted accordingly as circumstances shift 90+Meters requires slightly heavier bows (and builds to match it) The art of Archery is as vast as the ocean. Any. Take your pick Arrows are commo
  18. I spent an hour talking with Fang on Discord about Archery, the types of bows in standard worldwide competitions, components of a standard Recurve bow, how to make a personalised arrow legal for competitions, and discussed the meaning of life briefly. @Fang Archbane please comment a review on your learning.
  19. Got an interesting one, so I'll share it, but I'm closing this anyway.
  20. Well, it was too short a time, but I don't think it would've made much of a difference. Star gazing is particular, so...I'm closing this. If you do try it out, though, leave a message here.
  21. I kept asking myself what I had to do in MD yesterday and today and now I know. But since I forgot, all I did was collecting water...
  22. I am closing this quest, as the timeframe has ended. I will re-open this quest during either XMas or Anniversary again.
  23. I think to write a really dark story, you need those very dark wrong feelings that depression gives you (coupled with the dark wrong ideas that you can't refute because of, perhaps, lack on information). Without those, can you write a dark story? I think a horror one is possible, but not a dark one. I'll try my hand at it now, to validate that. All improv, with some 10 minutes thinking beforehand. Peace moved like the breeze on the dusty plains, with sorrowful excitement on her face. A kind melancholy travelled thought her veins at the thought of decorating Necrovion with yet another addi
  24. Yeah, my bad! I just reread Chew's post. I thought it was 2 weeks instead of 1. Sorry. please ignore my previous bid
  25. This is between me and you, but...the Aramory and other various places in MagicDuel are NOT ''places'' or ''structures''. They live!...Like, we're those unevolved species to them, and they consider themselves superior beings. They probably feed off our energy (heat) or something, and they probably use some drugs to alter our behavior and make us docile - or at the very least, oblivious to their true nature, you know...I don't know what can be done about it as long as we're here playing, but it's a war of the worlds and you'd better believe it!
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