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  2. Still some days left, but I'm not holding my breath. (the subject itself is quite interesting, but the research is probably a pain )
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  4. I forgot to post here Item 1 Anni Crit - 15 Item 2 Anni Pin -10 Item 3 Gold Token x 2 - 50 Item 9 Anni Pickle - 5 Item 11 Anni Cake - 5 Total of 85 plushies, danke in advance
  5. since I still don't know what's happening in the auction yet... well, I'll just assume I spent 140 there I'd like: Gold Avatar Token Anni Pin Anni cake Anni Crit Total: 55
  6. Seems i forgot to buy anything Anni creature 2020. Anni custom pin badge Lock in choas Spellstone 2x Acoustic remains stone 51 plushies in total
  7. Posted this in mood panel a couple days ago, thought someone was playing with the scenes. I used the A25 tools to see if something was written wrong, but I couldn't see anything.
  8. Because of the excitement caused by yesterday's find, I am making a quest rewarded with a WP! The find is different from the topic of this thread, but it started there...in ''European'' demonology, there are six types of demons. The uppermost demons inhabit an area known as the ‘fiery’ (diapyron), the second category the ‘airy’ (aerion), the third the ‘earthly’ (chthonion), the fourth the ‘watery’ (fresh and salt: hydraion and enalion), the fifth the ‘sub-earthly’ (hypochthonion) and the sixth the ‘light-hating and insensible’ (misophaes and dysaisthêton). What I want you to do is re
  9. I work a lot now. Like, almost 60 hours a lot, now. Mostly due to covid but once everything at work is sorted I'll be ok. I have a tendency to ramble and a lot that remember me will remember that, specifically. Just wanted to pop in here and say that I miss you. This place was of great inspiration for me and the bug has kind of hit me again. I miss it. I do have a couple of questions: Who runs the MDA? Is there a vault of avvies I can look into? I seem to be missing one, in either I gave it away a long time ago or it has been pulled. Amoran gave it to me. And, I guess, lastl
  10. Checked several "dwellings". Creature images are broken. Creatures can still be recruited though.
  11. This is an important issue. I liked several suggestions here, the solution I think, is an amalgam of your propositions: - Allow cross mind power fighting - Attacking higher mind power big honor benefit - Attacking lower mind power huge honor loss (thus encouraging people giving wins to lower MPs) - Cap the heat given in such cross mind power fights (so someone doesn't overflow newbies) - (?) Possibly handicap higher mind power player in stats, token, creature freezes, in a gradual way (mp6 vs mp5 no issues, mp5 vs mp4 smaller issue, mp5 vs mp3 huge issue)
  12. 13 years since I started playing this and 7 years since I stopped playing....its a long time for a game.

  13. I got out of the island. Not in the conventional way I guess.
  14. Don’t forget the MP3s. Too many limitation barriers and too few peers.
  15. Behold: a new drachorn egg ready to be mutated! Contact me if you are interested, the conditions detailed in the first post still apply.
  16. (The Old World is gone.)
  17. As I begin to write this, I had a glimpse of Akasha's topic about spam...well, whatever. For me, this year was better than last year. I bounced back with new goals, resolve, peace of mind. Last year it was kind of a new low. I hear it's been really bad for others, and my mind is slightly conflicted. A part of me wants to help - the moronic part. The more intelligent one (the one always at the edge of despair) is rationally pointing out how you can't actually help someone, take their burden, straighten out their path. I'm beginning to be more of a 'not my problem' kind of guy. Bu
  18. To build on what Ledah says here and Mur's original idea of backdoors into an alliance, we could give a sort of multi-citizenship/multi-layered alliance. Basically differentiate guilds and alliance, but have them be a part of the same thing. The guilds can be where you gain the backdoor and anyone can get in with no input other than their own actions, if they meet the parameter set they will automatically be invited to join the guild. The alliance would work as they do today, by invite only and are more centered towards land affairs- not tool/resource based tasks or tasks related to the backdo
  19. If this was the case, it could be that when a higher mind power level attacks a lower mindpower level they are only able to use 0% slider. Even more, you could make it that their tokens have no affect on the battle. Both of these compensate for their relatively higher stats and higher level creatures. Those two alone are not exactly enough to even the playing field though. You could even consider making it so any creatures that the lower mp level player could not use in the fight due to level restrictions are frozen for the higher mp level player. It is so easy to gloss over what the
  20. So Dark Demon won the last one, congrats, unfortunately he has also since quit. I did give him the silver though. I paused the topic due to a few reasons, mostly my ideas would run out sorta, also the idea I wanted to run required going outside, and covid started already so that's not good. I will continue to run this but... If people can give ideas to me by pm I will give you a silver coin if I pick the idea for the week. I just want them to be lower effort, no requiring an essay or something, you can see past ideas to see the theme. ____ And this weeks theme is: Hey, I wa
  21. I’m still here. I’ve been mostly MIA. But I haven’t seen Tyche when I’ve been on. Sorry for the long delay
  22. As stated previously, the two main concerns of everyone are that interaction with other players is needed and/or a Story, if however Brief. perhaps if people have ideas of a story they could start fleshing them out and working with the GWI team? as I see it, it seems like people would not be opposed to working in a short story to add to the island, and while that is being implemented either people can choose to spawn at PC or automatically get spawned at PC
  23. I will gladly provide 1 Sharptear and 1 Lorerootian Archer as a gift to thee this Murmas. Do let me know when I should grant these to thee.
  24. I have a bit of gold and silver just chilling in my inventory and I love collecting crits. Im going to post some crits if you would like to sell just comment or pm me. 1 Sharptear 3 Santas 1 Morph 1 Sword Shade 5 Smsh Any colored hollow warriror 3 Molima 2 Darkling 1 Horseman 4 Tutorial shades 1 Elu colored or non colored doesnt matter 1 Colorless loreroot archer
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