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  3. Regarding the menu strip along the bottom of the page, two things "bug" me. 1) Why does it suddenly pop up 3x size after you use the text box in the right panel to do a "give" operation? Using it then is the last thing you want to do, but is the first thing you HAVE to do because it obscures the scene. 2) It would be so much more useful if on the first line it showed all the usable objects with pictures, a line feed, then everything else with pictures. 3) Not a bug - it would enhance the value of this menu if you could click on a non-usable item and trigger the "give to..." box.
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  5. Just to show there was once at least one other origami practitioner in MD:
  6. Item 3 - 12th Anni: 30 Plushies Item 4 - 14th Anni: 30 Plushies
  7. Item 2 - 10th Anni: 55 Plushies Item 3 - 12th Anni: 25 Plushies Item 4 - 14th Anni: 15 Plushies
  8. Last week
  9. Current stats as I believe them. Please note that if any of these numbers are incorrect please tell me. All plushie bids must include the full sourcing of plushies if bidding with multiple players Plushies. Item 1 - 8th Anni - CID: 59 - ID: 806168 - 80 Plushies - @Sunfire Item 2 - 10th Anni - CID 62 - ID: 832964 - 50 Plushies - @Chewett Item 3 - 12th Anni - CID: 64 - ID: 859361 - 20 Plushies - @Aelis Item 4 - 14th Anni - CID: 66 - ID: 869655 - 10 Plushes - @Ledah Item 5 - Wind Drachorn egg - CID: 1 - Age: 3142 - ID: 793847 - 105 Plushies - @Lazarus (105 from @MaGoHi) Item 6 - Standard Angien Egg - CID: 29 - Age: 3985 - ID: 651622 - 20 Plushies - @Dracoloth Item 7 - Tainted Angien egg - CID: 28 - Age: 3142 - ID: 793912 - Plushies - @Fang Archbane Item 7 : 207 plushies (153 from Fang, 40 from @Demonic God, 14 from @Else) - @Fang Archbane Item 8 - Darkling - CID: 6 - Age: 3142 - ID: 793851 - 103 Plushies - @Yoshi (Yoshi - 103 / Granos - 30 / Taurion- 23) Item 9 - Full Tokening of 5 creatures (or whatever tokens you want) - 337 Plushies - @Lazarus Item 9: 337 Plushies (MaGoHi 37, DG 159, Lazarus 81, Miq 60)
  10. Minimum increments for all bids is now 5% of the current bid (rounded down).
  11. I will likely close this shop in a month or two. I will announce it beforehand.
  12. will it still be possible anytime next year?
  13. I will likely purchase from the Shop when the Auction were complete.
  14. : Chewett passed 14th Birthday Spicy Pickle to Ailith : Chewett passed 14th Birthday Spicy Pickle to Ailith : Chewett passed 14th Birthday Spicy Pickle to Ailith : Chewett bribes Ailith with Pickles
  15. Last question is probably what the artist intended with this, although I look at it as a bear seeing its home destroyed and rushing to safety...where it will maim some humans. Anyway, Fyrd, this is the image I wanted a poem on and btw, entries don't have to be public
  16. First thought was, gee this looks like the style of my artist friend Mark Ray. https://www.facebook.com/m.r.art.378 -- nah, probably not. 2) Oh, it's a bear. 3) Oh, it's a forest fire. 4) What a contrast! You usually have the baby bear cub surviving the fire all singed, to go on to become Smokey the Bear, gentle guardian of the forests. Here there is a strong an powerful spirit rising as if it were smoke, and full of anger. 5) Is this the spirit of the bear rising, raging about environmental abuse, or is this the spirit of the fire itself?
  17. I lurk about a certain website where I gawk at stuff; when something catches my eye, it makes me ponder. I'll be posting here a picture about which I'd be happy to hear your thoughts (thought that can come in various ways - a composition, a drawing, a handmade item). Basically, if what I post here stirs you in some way, you can send me your reaction. Rewards will be based on the effort and insight. This week's image is:
  18. Acoustic Remains - 2000-2345 - Diplomacy & Trivia & Bathing Suits
  19. Acoustic Remains 0036-1924 - Trivia [20/06/21 10:11] Pipstickz:Grab a poultice for summer solstice [20/06/21 10:12] Pipstickz:You\'ll see I wrote this very verbose list [20/06/21 10:34] Chewett:Morning all [20/06/21 10:39] Miq:Monin [20/06/21 11:48] :Ungod scouts the scene for trivia participants [20/06/21 11:49] Ungod:hullo [20/06/21 11:56] :Ungod puts an arm under his head and leans on a pillar [20/06/21 12:10] lashtal:Greetings, merry folks. [20/06/21 14:48] Fyrd Argentus:Good morning, realm. [20/06/21 14:50] lashtal:Hello Fyrd [20/06/21 14:51] Fyrd Argentus:Hello Lashtal. [20/06/21 14:51] Fyrd Argentus:I hope your added bait brings in some entries. [20/06/21 14:52] Fyrd Argentus:Pip and DG have been thinking about doing entries.... [20/06/21 14:52] Fyrd Argentus:Nothing at all happened last evening.... you see anything this morning solstice-wise? [20/06/21 14:56] Ungod:it\'s been raining for two weeks now, i\'m getting used to a uk-like weather [20/06/21 14:56] Ungod:hard to do any sky-scouting when it\'s pouring every 30 minutes [20/06/21 14:57] Ungod:so even my idea of making a sun-dial for fun would be useless this year, lol [20/06/21 15:04] Fyrd Argentus:So, does anybody here want to play a game? [20/06/21 15:05] Fyrd Argentus:Lashtal and Ungod have pulses. [20/06/21 15:05] Ungod:you\'ll have to put on a wig and a tag with the name \'marind\' to get some audience [20/06/21 15:05] lashtal:Pulses? [20/06/21 15:05] :[Spell] Little birdies, report to Fyrd Argentus [20/06/21 15:05] Ungod:lash racted to the word pulse, i to the word game [20/06/21 15:07] Fyrd Argentus:Pulse, as in actually breathing in air and showing signs of metabolic activity. (Not idle) [20/06/21 15:07] Ungod:i hope those birds tell you about how to bathe in the blood of the dragon for iimortality, fyrd [20/06/21 15:07] Fyrd Argentus:No, they just tell me nothing happened all night, solstice-wise. [20/06/21 15:07] Fyrd Argentus:Just checking. [20/06/21 15:08] Fyrd Argentus:Well, we were scheduled for a game of hot potato, but with 3.... [20/06/21 15:08] Fyrd Argentus:The pun contest could sort-of work - that was postponed last night due to lack of an audience. [20/06/21 15:08] Ungod:i\'d pass the hot potato to someone idle...just to see them burnnnn [20/06/21 15:08] Fyrd Argentus:Or we could get Ungod to do trivia. [20/06/21 15:08] lashtal:Hot potato requires Pipstickz to be valid [20/06/21 15:09] Ungod:so he\'s expired? [20/06/21 15:09] Fyrd Argentus:Well, actually it\'s \'Pass the gas\' with stinky items. [20/06/21 15:09] Fyrd Argentus:So maybe he is stinky and expired. [20/06/21 15:09] Fyrd Argentus:Or I could do my silly little speech for the record. [20/06/21 15:10] Ungod:pip, if you do not want your reputation tarnished even more, stand up and react [20/06/21 15:10] Fyrd Argentus:He\'s idle. That\'s the problem. [20/06/21 15:10] Fyrd Argentus:We are in fact only 3. [20/06/21 15:10] Fyrd Argentus:4 if Chewie is lurking. [20/06/21 15:10] :Ungod watches Pip\'s reputation go down the drain [20/06/21 15:10] :Ungod watches for lurkers [20/06/21 15:11] lashtal:He was [20/06/21 15:11] Fyrd Argentus:Yes, the little birdies told me. [20/06/21 15:11] Ungod:we are what\'s left of the 300, then [20/06/21 15:11] Fyrd Argentus:Actually I saw the tail of that, but did not know how stale it was or wasn\'t [20/06/21 15:12] Fyrd Argentus:How about I give my short silly speech and see if anybody else shows up. [20/06/21 15:12] :Fyrd Argentus coughs [20/06/21 15:12] Fyrd Argentus:Thank you all for helping to kick off the beginning of our Solstice Celebration. [20/06/21 15:12] lashtal:Go ahead, I\'m all ears [20/06/21 15:12] Fyrd Argentus: (ha!) [20/06/21 15:12] Fyrd Argentus:However, I must admit to having made a terrible mistake. [20/06/21 15:12] Ungod: (haha!) [20/06/21 15:12] Fyrd Argentus:It has to do with the curious timeless-ness of this realm. [20/06/21 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:In another place I frequent, I checked the books and it said the solstice was June 20. [20/06/21 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:11:30 June 20, in that realm. [20/06/21 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:PM [20/06/21 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:Which actually puts it 0630 ST – tomorrow morning. [20/06/21 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:To be fair, nobody is going to be awake enough then to enjoy a party, so no point in rescheduling. [20/06/21 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:We are actually celebrating the lead-up to the solstice, which is going to occur in about 25 hours. [20/06/21 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:So think of it as an extra little bit of party opportunity, and have fun! [20/06/21 15:14] :Ungod pretends to understand and nods sagely [20/06/21 15:14] Fyrd Argentus: (sorry, script is out of time too.... make that 22 hours) [20/06/21 15:14] Fyrd Argentus:There, it\'s done. [20/06/21 15:14] Fyrd Argentus:That was supposed to be done at 0500, but nobody else was there. [20/06/21 15:14] :Ungod is disappointed [20/06/21 15:14] Ungod:there\'s nothing silly about this speech... [20/06/21 15:14] Ungod:>> [20/06/21 15:14] Ungod:<< [20/06/21 15:14] :Fyrd Argentus readies his water balloon. [20/06/21 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:Heads up! [20/06/21 15:15] :Fyrd Argentus heaves it at ungod. [20/06/21 15:15] Ungod:>.> [20/06/21 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:3 [20/06/21 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:2 [20/06/21 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:1 [20/06/21 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:Splash! [20/06/21 15:15] Ungod: (aand...i\'m lagging again) [20/06/21 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:You gotta be quicker. [20/06/21 15:16] Fyrd Argentus:With more players, and duplicates of the "hot potato" I think that would be a fun game, but not with 3 so much. [20/06/21 15:16] Fyrd Argentus:Especially if you\'re lagging, Ungod. [20/06/21 15:17] Fyrd Argentus:I guess I\'ll just post my next music video. [20/06/21 15:18] Ungod:Switched to mobile [20/06/21 15:18] :Ungod is now drenched [20/06/21 15:18] :Chewett chuckles at Ungod [20/06/21 15:18] Ungod:But i see the silliness noe, at least [20/06/21 15:20] Ungod:Mhm, every time i rotate the ohone, the page refreshes. The wonders of mobile lay... [20/06/21 15:21] Chewett:Ah yes thats Mur\'s hack [20/06/21 15:21] Ungod:... That was play {We work awhile, here and later, getting Fyrd's 4 music videos properly linked into the forum - Thanks Chewett!} [20/06/21 15:29] Ungod:Picnicing\'s a bitch? Ahahaha [20/06/21 15:29] Fyrd Argentus:Well, this new limit will get me through the solstice. [20/06/21 15:29] Fyrd Argentus:Then I\'ll go back and do damage control. [20/06/21 15:32] Ungod: (I\'ll be back later to see if any1 is awake for some trivia) [20/06/21 15:32] Fyrd Argentus:So, DG has this game [20/06/21 15:32] Fyrd Argentus:He wants me to run [20/06/21 15:32] Chewett:Oh? [20/06/21 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:he\'s posted the rules on the solstice link (see mood panel) [20/06/21 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:It\'s done on a blank chessboard [20/06/21 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:Move with a die [20/06/21 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:Different tiles have different results [20/06/21 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:You\'re trying to be the first to find the treasure. [20/06/21 15:34] Fyrd Argentus:some tiles cause you to do public "things" that you might consider punishment, but others would find funny [20/06/21 15:34] Fyrd Argentus:Three of you playing could work.... [20/06/21 15:35] Fyrd Argentus:I\'d have to be moderator. [20/06/21 15:35] Chewett:I think it is too early in the day for people to be active, it seems people are still not online! [20/06/21 15:36] Chewett:I must apologise but I am unable to attend much today [20/06/21 15:36] Fyrd Argentus:I\'ll pass that suggestion back to him. [20/06/21 15:36] Fyrd Argentus:No problem, Chewie. [20/06/21 15:36] Chewett:I would be happy to port him here to run these events but I imagine that would defeat the point of Mur\'s punishment... [20/06/21 15:37] Fyrd Argentus:Just the one game, but you have a point. [20/06/21 15:37] Fyrd Argentus:Besides, I\'ve seen the secret board now. [20/06/21 15:38] Chewett:The secret board! *shock* [20/06/21 15:38] Fyrd Argentus:Does Mur ever parade around prisoners in chains? [20/06/21 15:38] Chewett:We normally let them out during the birthday [20/06/21 15:38] lashtal:Never seen that happening [20/06/21 15:38] Chewett:I suppose DG could escape too [20/06/21 15:39] Chewett:I have done smoething and MD is shifted to the left... any ideas? [20/06/21 15:39] Fyrd Argentus:He seems penitent. [20/06/21 15:40] Fyrd Argentus:I didn\'t notice an earthquake. [20/06/21 15:40] Fyrd Argentus:Nothing on refresh. [20/06/21 15:40] Chewett:Does he? That amuses me that idea [20/06/21 15:41] Fyrd Argentus:Well, he said he wasn\'t going to use alts to bypass the sentence... [20/06/21 15:41] Fyrd Argentus:Maybe he\'s just afraid of getting caught. [20/06/21 15:42] Chewett:Ironically, without making comment to his sentence, maybe that fear would have served him better before the abuse! [20/06/21 15:47] Chewett:I fear we do not have the populace active on a weekend to satisfy the effort you have put in Fyrd, it saddens me [20/06/21 15:48] Fyrd Argentus:Well, the games can wait. [20/06/21 15:48] Fyrd Argentus:This was an experiment. [20/06/21 15:49] Fyrd Argentus:I had hoped a weekend was easier than a weekday to schedule. [20/06/21 15:49] Chewett:We possibly need a way of roasing those who play infrequently [20/06/21 15:49] Fyrd Argentus:Maybe not. Spring has sprung, and summer is upon us. People want to get outside when the sun shines... [20/06/21 15:51] Fyrd Argentus:I just posted an RSVP for solstice events. Maybe that\'s a way to get people together - sign-ups. [20/06/21 15:51] Chewett:That may be useful, certainly worth a try [20/06/21 15:51] Fyrd Argentus:If you get a list of people, then schedule when they can all come. [20/06/21 15:51] Fyrd Argentus:Rather than picking a time and seeing later who shows. [20/06/21 15:52] Fyrd Argentus:Which may be more appropriate in middle of a festival. [20/06/21 15:52] Fyrd Argentus:I will salvage all the game events that way, starting tomorrow. [20/06/21 15:53] Fyrd Argentus:Is it possible to do nested sub-forums on the forum? Sub-sub-forums? [20/06/21 15:53] Chewett:Indeed, there are a few [20/06/21 15:54] Fyrd Argentus:Like if I wanted to have a series of event opportunites (with dialog) posted under LS/Community Events/Event Sign-up [20/06/21 15:54] Chewett:Yeah just send me the details of what you want on forum PM and I will attend to that forthwith [20/06/21 15:54] Fyrd Argentus:Each topic would be a discussion of who and when would be able to meet. [20/06/21 15:54] Fyrd Argentus:OK, thanks. [20/06/21 15:56] Fyrd Argentus:Will do. [20/06/21 15:58] Fyrd Argentus:Hello Tissy, glad you could join us. [20/06/21 15:58] Chewett:Hey Tissy! [20/06/21 17:27] Fyrd Argentus:So, games on tap if anybody is interested: [20/06/21 17:27] Fyrd Argentus:Ungod’s Trivia, DG’s Board game, Puns, “Pass the Gas”, Mind Race, “Drunken Charades”
  20. I don't think so, but if I did, I couldn't find either one of them. It is possible I closed the window, did not refresh, and it thinks I still had it open...
  21. Have you kept the acoustic remains window open from a previous use of the spell?
  22. At least twice today I've cast Acoustic Remains spells that didn't "take". It took heat, made the sound, showed orange in chat -- but no window. Refresh the page and try again, it works as expected. I have plenty of casts, but if this is happening with other spells, it's a worry.
  23. Only one entry was submitted for this quest, but a nice one nonetheless. Behold the sexiest among the trees, Model n° 1 !!! Congratulations to the winner, Fyrd Argentus!!!
  24. Time to start adding minimum increments?
  25. Let land leaders do whatever they want to a land. AP costs, murder, increase recruit costs, taxes, etc... Bring back heads so I can finally win it after all these years.
  26. Item 7 : 207 plushies (153 from myself, 40 from DG, 14 from Else)
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