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Story Night Sign Up Sheet!


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These are the times and dates in which I have thought to work out the best. I have added an option for you to state which time you think would be good outside of the ones I have supplied. Please state it here, so as to discuss it and help etermine when would be a good time for Story Night.

This is also a sign up sheet for people who want to volunteer as Hosts. The job of a host is basically to send all entries to me, so I can post them up for everyone and then put them up on the Archives Page.

There are certain rules to being a host, and I can send them to prospective Hosts so they know the rules, and in case something does happen in which action is necessary, they know how to go about it and how to overall keep the thing going smoothly.

If I have missed anything, please also state it here.

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For me, Its not so much the days of the month, but that certain days of the week are better than others. So as the dates written, will keep falling on different days, sometimes it will be ok, and other times it wont be.

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opposingly to Chewett, my schedule is pretty much all over the place, so it would be easier to do dates than days of the week :P

Not particularly fussed though, I tend to be able to work around things easy enough :D

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Okay, so! I need a list of volunteers for hosting, please!

I will be assigning more than one as backup, but will have one primary host assigned for the events.

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[quote name='Magistra' timestamp='1326594235' post='100840']
Is this still open? I vote for 22:00 or 23:00. Before that I'm busy and later I'm asleep.
It isn't curently but perhaps someone would like to revive it.

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