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Fierce BHC Pool!

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Yes, the reason I chose not to spread it out evenly was just that.

Most of the percentages were in the ranges of 32% and 64%. Some would be getting less than their "technical" winnings, and others would be getting more.

This way, I rounded down all the totals, and the remaining will be used at my discretion, as previously stated earlier in this thread. (None of the coins will be used to my benefit.)

If everyone wants to split the silver evenly, that's fine. I have no issue with that, but if one person does not wish to do so, then I won't do it.

[quote] Any left over silver (if any) will be used for future events/quests. I will not use it for my own personal gain.

Edit: Or I will use it to reward people for being helpful to others.

In any case, it will go to something worthwhile.

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