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The true story about dst and Z


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So...it is time to make this public.

Me and Z are not the enemies you all think we are. You don't believe me? Check the below proofs! (I told you that I ALWAYS have proofs)!!

dst and Z meet (Z is, of course, ignoring dst):


Z is still being a bad boy and tries to hurt dst:


dst tries to choke Z:


Z tries to bite dst:


Finally friends!


And as a bonus...RAVENSTRIDER!!!


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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1305750970' post='84577']
And I edited the pics to be smaller.See Chewy? I always listen to you :P

I want that in writing, with all these people being witness's that you, and i quote you directly "Always listen to me"

also, dont Torment the little Z's They might get their own back...

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