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Passant the Weak

A weird question about connecting through a phone

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I will be off for 1 week in the middle of no where with no Internet connection and (almost) no mobile network. I would like to try to connect and get Active Days.

My only solution to do do is to use my mobile phone and try to catch a bit of connection. However it's an old model that is not compatible with Flash.

When I try to log in, I of course get a load of errors, and won't see MD usual screen. I have the feeling that the game saw me logged in yet, because I can see the chat discussion hidden in the middle of all Ajax errors messages.

My question: has someone experienced that and could confirm that I am seen connected, and thus will get the Active Days?... or Not!

Thanks a lot for your help.

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use this link for mobile access


you should then be able to see chat

in answer to the main question
yes your active days will be counted

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