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Crit history

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As it seems crits are becoming more and more individualized (names, tokens) maybe it would be a good idea to add a crit history for every crit: when did it belong to whom, when was it tokened. If it makes sense also MD item in extra features 'clean crit history'

EDIT: also crit exp transfer also make them more individual Edited by xrieg

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I also thought about that some time ago, specifically the creature having the history of whom it belonged...

It would be 3 years from now on like... "Wow, I use the sacred drachorn Lifeline used!" (or something silly as that :D)

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Good idea.

Infos like:
- the time of getting the crit,
- its lvl up,
- having token, and
- time of being transferred
could be added to this crit history thing.

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1306585718' post='85288']
I'd actually just want the logs getting made better then..

If I'm not wrong, isn't the creat log unfinished?

Yeah, i believe its still in work, and will be done "sometime" with having the previous owners on the logs.

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Follow up idea:
register and display number of lifetime fights crits participate in (wins and losses; transferrable)
New token with stats bonuses dependent on lifetime fights number:
1. bonuses non-linear with number of fights (i.e. square root)
2. no upper limit to bonuses
3. good bonuses for no less than 20k fights
With such a token there would be both cannon fodder - to fight and sac... but also legendary crits powerfu due to their fighting history
Idea is closely connected with the one in thread head post - without better crit log/ history it's much less appealing to me.
Please comment

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