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Possible sell values

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Due to my curious nature, I'd like to ask around a bit as to what you guys think some of my more premium creatures would be worth.

Note, please take this seriously, you dont have to give me the maximum bid, but something you think is fair (I'm a mod so spam posts i'll delete myself), and if you actually have that offer, would you offer it for that creature? It would be more interesting for me to see bids consisting of things you actually have, and then possibly saying how much more coins you estimate it would be worth.

Depending on what I see I might actually try to take you up on it, also depending on what creature.

So, here the details on which I will not go into all details, unless really requested:

Darkling (ID 1000, Age 1245, All Tokens, No transfer yet)-20g
GG (ID:125065 , Heavily tokened, huge age)
Santa (Age 629)
3 tokened aged rusts 5g+
2 aged reins, untokened 10g+
Tainted Angien ID 666666, Age 163, no tokens
2 shades (tutorial, no tokens, some age, not too much) -10g

Excuse me for the messy order, but I'm tired.

Feel free to PM me if you wish to make a silent bid, on your request I won't release it as the highest I received even if it is- I'll just write overbid, anonymous. Edited by Shadowseeker

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Out of those, I would personally value the GG or the tainted most.

Out of what I have currently, I'd give 4 gold, 11 silver, a 30 silver coupon, and a rusty for the tainted angien. But this probably isn't sufficient. Edited by dst

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[quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1297217483' post='78666']
hmm a pimped grasan and a gold coin for the tainted angien.
[/quote]You do realize tt's a price check, not really an open bidding right? Thought if you do value at tainted at that value, let me know when you get one and I'll buy it from you for that price, and even throw extras :P

And on topic:
I'd say 10ish for the GG, maybe more depending on token. 15-20 each for the dark an the tainted. Rusties probably around 5. (all prices in gc)
Alas I am personally poor right now, so it's not like I can really bid..

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Well, I updated it a bit. if there's so sign, I personally think that's about a fair amount, whereas a + means thats what others said, but I think actually is more still.

Interesting to see what everyone thinks, I've left the gg out for now.

Edit: Aside from being rare, this dark also has an id thats very low :P

Edited by Shadowseeker

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[quote name='apophys' timestamp='1297221442' post='78672']
A dark is just a glorified elemental...
Wow!! I love elems a lot....... I would love to know what power difference it has than the normal one?

-rider Edited by dragonrider7

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