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Thank you
I am still exploring. Many things to read.

Oink! :@)

*Knows he shouldn't role-play where its blue*

Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! :P

*runs away and hides*

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[quote name='lettiedwestlake' timestamp='1301672787' post='81633']
Hello, friends. I'm new in this forum. I think it's a nice site. :)

Hello, and you might want to start a new topic.

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[quote name='aaront222' timestamp='1301695894' post='81677']
hello world....document.write("Hello World");wasn't that used to teach people javascript at some point?

Actually thats prettymuch the staple part of learning 99% of languages, getting the person to print "hello world" somewhere. Tis tradition for traditions sake.

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