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Mad Hatter

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[font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]So, I've been playing this game for a while now and I'm thoroughly lost. I Think the problem is that i don't have a direction to go in, other then the story line. And as such i find myself creating more problems then I'm solving.

I,recently got the notion that gaining a Citizenship would help me on the path. Give me somewhere to go. Something to do and be apart of. So, In my narrow minded wisdom, signed up to become a "Necro." Only to find out that i can't enter the thrice dammed place!

So here i am looking, not for a quest and not for spoilers but a direction. My character "Mad Hatter" has no back-story, no history, no substance. I believe i have too many creatures, fourteen(14) in total. I have no purpose in this game. Gaining a lvl wouldn't help me in the least.

I know that this game isn't like other but what I'm wishing for is something more from the game. People have answers, yet they aren't telling for the simple fact that its considered a spoiler. For what! What is a spoiler for an answer to a game if none of the newbies know what the hell your talking about.

O.K. I'm getting off topic and angry...(Calm Down).

Anyway, Can anyone out there help me. With creating a role-playing story for my character. And giving me something to do. [/font]

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Creating a persona for your character is easy, following through with it on a day to day basis is difficult.

I would like to suggest that you read up on your name sake. The Mad Hatter is a character in the book titled Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Charles Dodgson. Available online on many sites, just Google it and you shall find it with no difficulty.

Watch how he speaks, learn how to speak that way, and thusly, you have a character.

As for your purpose in MD, that is simple. You are here to entertain yourself first and foremost. How you do that, is completely and 98% up to you. Whether it is by making others laugh, by finding secret meanings to seemingly meaningless phrases, or if it is by learning how to destroy rituals. It is up to you.

As for the Land Choice, that is always difficult. Especially for GG and Necrovions since they can't grant access to their citizens like Loreroot, or Marind Bell can. Learn to deal with it, and allow yourself to become part of Necrovion, or another land if you would like.

I hope this helps.

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Why don't you simply start with entering Necrovion?
There are some places that are actually locked, as in you don't go there-locked. Most places are just limited, as in you haven't found the password-locked. There are various ways to enter Necrovion, yet you simply state that it's locked, and are done with it. If you go around and about and tell yourself 'Oh, that looks nice, i wonder what to do with it, oh, no point-to-point instructions, i guess it's nothing', you'll be done with MD very fast.
Even the hard quests are most simple tasks you can find in MD, because they tell you what to do. Most riddles don't tell you that they even are riddles.

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No back story, no history, no substance.

That's what I like, actually. It's just me, but I'd advise not following the trend of creating too much backstory for your character, especially ones that draw from other realms. MD is unique in that it (supposedly) is a unique realm with no "staple" races (elves, vampires, werewolves blah3). We all start as a spirit stranded on the paper cabin. Build your role and persona through your journey and gameplay, and let you experience shape your character.

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I would advise you to be what ever you want to be. You entered this game for some reasons, and you have known it is about roleplay. Why did you chose your name as mad hatter? Try to evolve not yourself, try to be a person in another world, even though it is yourself. Start speaking with persons, roleplay will come from alone if you like to let it start.

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Sometimes the role aspect is taken too seriously. You don't have to have a strict role, like "gardener" or "knight" or something, just do what you do and be what that makes you.

If you're a very angry person, it doesn't matter whether your papers tell a story about unicorns and lollipops, or if they tell a story about destruction and murder, you'll still be an angry person. The story is something of an add-on, something to do if it interests you.

Role development doesn't just happen overnight, you have to settle in and interact lots.

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There are many facets to this game. You have to listen to your feelings and decide which appeals to you the most, then follow it as far as it will take you. If a second facet jumps up and grabs you, then so be it.

My analysis of the different facets that might appeal to a player....

Creature Collecting
Witty chatter with friends over cake and tea
Puzzles and quests - solving and building them - this may take the "party game" approach or the programming/coding direction
Team building/sports - alliances
Political machinations - like the current brew-ha-ha over training techniques and the mp3/february debates
Alliance/lands politics - power struggles and balance
Creative writing of poems, songs, stories
Dress-up, formal serious role-play, rituals
Trying to get inside Mur's head, spiritual symbology
Paying back to the game - a functional role like LHO, newspaper, etc.
Trading - buying and selling stuff for profit
Fighting for truth and justice if you think some group (like mp3's, for instance) is being mistreated.
Land exploration - seeing if you can get into every corner of MD eventually
Personal vendettas against people you think are evil or stupid
Playing the part of Santa Claus/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy to give others joy
What else have I missed?
Debating just for fun (thanks Kafuuka)

If you can find your heart, I and many others will help you figure out how to chase after it. Don't give up until you've considered and rejected everything on this list....

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From my experience, everyone likes the power of control, the control of their own destiny.

MD is unique in that it allows you to be what you want to be.

You get to choose what you want to do.

Some will excel, while others will fail because of years of being told to conform to the structure that is given.

MD does not have a structure that you need to conform to.

You get to control your own direction, you make your own choices.

That said, decide on the advices given above, choose what your heart tells you to.

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I think Fyrd listed a lot of things to do, although he forgot debating just for fun. As for character design, you could either go for as close to the original Mad Hatter as possible, or you could try creating something new. From the name, I'd suppose a character that is sane is not quite an option, but there are many ways to be 'mad', eg. obsessively checking whether your hat is still in the right spot - maybe the hatter has a bald spot he's trying to hide?

Papers and characters don't need to be centered on or even include a story. Background stories are just one of the ways to portray the nature of a character. Most other games I know work with stats and classes and have systems like alignment (d&d: good vs evil and lawful vs chaotic). In MD you're not restricted by anything except for common sense and consistency. If you go out of character all the time, people won't believe in your character anymore. If you try to powergame/godmod, people won't like you either. Regardless of how poetic your story was.

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Since I don't necessarily role play, my 'character' if you will, has been created simply out of my reputation.

I'm known as the Mad Mushroom Worshiping Lady of the Legend Speakers.

You don't need to have a fixed character in mind; just be you, and as you go along in the world, something of that sort will come to mind.

But I do agree with what Fyrdy has said, and I believe you should follow his words of wisdom. : 3

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Create your character as you go on and explore the realm. Perhaps ideas will pop in your mind while you are busy doing other things. Fyrd's list should keep you busy :P

Curiose is one to be listened to :P Thats what i think. Also, i like kafuuka's idea on a "mad hatter" character. x)

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