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Head Boss Bugged


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The Head Boss has twice been reset. making all our previous running about for nothing. I'm pissed coz I'm leading. Now everyone is same again. Fine, I'll live with it..... Hopefully no third time

Mr Mystery has been attacking with no rits and taking all heads.

When confronted, he openly admits he is abusing it and its there for everyone to abuse.

I have PS, Ailith and Pips and The Phoenix as witness he insists on continuing to take all heads with no rits.

Can we have the bug fixed please.

Thank you

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[quote name='Mr Mystery' date='09 August 2010 - 10:31 AM' timestamp='1281349861' post='65446']
Am i going to lie, and say no its not a bug?. What point is there to not tell what it is.

[b][size="2"]I see u really dont get about the point here, i personally dont care about u and of course the bug which not been fixed yet, i just care about how u use/abuse it..The bug is there and just a matter of choice to use it or not.. [/size][/b]

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[quote name='Mr Mystery' date='09 August 2010 - 10:49 AM' timestamp='1281350987' post='65451']
I get the point. But you dont get the motive. All you care about is winning. There are other ways to ahve fun around with this contest.

[size="2"][b]In fact i was in the middle of the fun until u start that "Alakazam heads poof" thing around..[/b]

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The contest was triggered prematurely due to a bug, that has been fixed.
The contest officially starts as 16:00 server time. It has NOT yet started, any score or heads will be reset when it begins.
Think of this as a preview on what can be done in it (those who were in or saw the first BHC will know what I am referring to)

As for the attack bug, when did it first occur?

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It was there last normal heads. Thats when i found out. Also there the other bug relating to the same bug which cause heads to vanish. lol

[quote name='dst' date='09 August 2010 - 12:34 PM' timestamp='1281353681' post='65458']
Good. Then...what's the fuss all about?
It's a bug and it has been reported.

Its about me using it for my own goals.

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Just wanna clear something up.

A bug is reported but not fixed yet, does the reporter has the right to abuse it before it is fixed?

Does reporting it gives the player the license to use it for his own goals?

If a bug is found, can players exploit it if the bug is reported but not fixed yet?

Would appreciate if the situation is clarified.

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Mike, this is what I thought was true:

[color="#cccccc"][2009-01-31 21:43:01 - Alpha 8][/color]
[u][b]Abusing bugs, especialy during head contest, will trigger heavy penalisations.[/b][/u] If you ignore warnings or penalisations and continue to use bugs to gain advantages during this or any other competition, you will get baned, regardless of age, rpc status, previous achievements. Accessing any game function without tools provided by the interface or with intent to obtain un natural benefits is cheating. Discovering bugs and reporting them fully documented will be from now on rewarded more than before, [u][b]however, using such bugs , even after reporting them, will be penalised much worse[/b][/u]. A comitee to investigate and supervise "cheating bugtesters" will be assembled and kept secret. Game mechanics or team members wont be informed by what mmbers this comitee has to avoid temptations and favoritism. Thank you for undertanding.

If this is no longer true, then I think it would be good to have a new statement regarding the rules of the use/abuse of reported bugs by those not involved with bug testing.

On the restrictions page, the rules say nothing about the use of bugs in Contests... if there is such a specific rule, then perhaps it should be added.

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' date='10 August 2010 - 01:41 AM' timestamp='1281393698' post='65500']
As for curiosity..since I see no rule regarding it, and there is a lot of hiding done right now..I take it necrovion is also open for BHC? Or places like Oak Tower?

Oak Tower perhaps less, since we talk about a wp bought measure, but what about necrovion?

oh, that's it i guess then - i just got access to oak tower today, but i wasn't able to get in and was wondering why that is :D

edit: i was just checking the scores and it shows you in oak tower interior SS, so i suppose it's just me that got the bugged entrance :)

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Well, it used to work in the past, so I guess it had to do with some changes, I heard people buying LR back entrance never got it either.

For fariness, before I sleep (so that people have a chance of finding me) I'll be in necrovion I guess.

Edit: Nvm. Since I'll be gone for like 14h/day due to studying, I'll use the advantage of hiding spots, and hide at berserkers charge right now. As far as I recall, some people have access there..I don't remember who though.

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this is double sided situation. that announcement is from alpha8 , but its true i dont remember to state otherwise sice then. My tendency is indeed to give a sort of licence for those discovering a bug and even allow everyone to abuse it if the bug was reported. We (I, but with your help) need to check and find that part that sais about allowing bug abusing if you discover it and syncronize it with the info Ailith posted. As you all know MD is more like a country with a constitution, a constitution that sometimes gets outdated other times forgotten. This needs to be posted on the rules page for all to see and avoid such situations.

The HC, most of all the BHC, is a mercyless bloodshed, complaining about bugs in it will not fix your situation but should fix the bug. Yes you can go anywhere on the map to fight it, including limited locations, excluding locations you should not be able to access.

I will not punish anyone this time for using the bug but stop doing it because the rule clarification will probably state clearly, again, that you should not.

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