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Amoran Kalamanira Kol

Update: White Service On Day 223-224 At Wind's Sanctuary.

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[center]I would like to announce that there will be a [b][size="3"]White Service[/size][/b] on [b]day 223 - 224[/b] (Wednesday for me) at [b]Wind's Sanctuary[/b].

There will be two services, one at 22:00 - 23:00 (1-2pm US Central Time) Server Time on day 223, and another at 5:00 - 6:00 Server Time (in the evening for me, it would make it about 9-10pm US Central Time).

I should hope that each of you are able to attend. [/center] Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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A red service centers around the giving of blood, a sacrifice to the Goddess. A white service is the opposite, it is held in a sanctuary to avoid attacks. It is a pure service in which those gathered join in prayer.

I am holding it in truth, because many do not know what the Eclipse is about, as it has been quite some time since a service of any kind has been held.

[b]Edit: Correcting a spelling mistake.[/b] Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
Edit: Correcting a spelling mistake.

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So, this white service is like the opposite of a Red Service?

Also, I would love to be there... however, any time past seven [especially on sunday, which is rare], I will not be able to attend... Makes me sad. :c
Anywho.. is it simply a ceremony, or will there be other things involved?

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A white service is a ceremony: nothing more is involved. I believe Amoran will give a short "sermon". A red service, as you may know, is the same thing, only with bloodshed (fighting going on during the service).

The entire thing is not meant to last more than 10-15 minutes. It is mostly a way for people curious about the CoE to find out what our purpose is.

We will make arrangements for the service to be held for people in different time zones, so don't worry if you can't make the one posted.

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Unfortunately.. I will have to postpone the White Service. Something has come up in the waking world an I will be stuck without internet for a majority of today and part of tomorrow.

I will make arrangements for it to be moved to Wednesday.

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Remember, the place of the Service will be at Wind's Sanctuary.

Here is the log of the first service (22:00 - 23:00):

[11/08/10 18:29] february:hello Mr Mystery..
[11/08/10 18:29] february:have heasds to
[11/08/10 18:29] february:heads*
[11/08/10 18:34] february:Thanks KING Lifeline
[11/08/10 18:40] february:your avy is still the best..
[11/08/10 20:37] Jaco:hi all
[11/08/10 21:20] Amoran K Kol:Hello Letholdus.
[11/08/10 21:20] :Amoran K Kol rushes to Lucas, throwing her arms around him.
[11/08/10 21:20] Amoran K Kol:Greetings, love.
[11/08/10 21:20] Tarquinus: *holds her close* Hail, my love.
[11/08/10 21:21] Tarquinus:I think we should wait some short time, and then begin, regardless of who arrives or does not arrive.
[11/08/10 21:21] Amoran K Kol:Aye, yes.
[11/08/10 21:22] Amoran K Kol:Let us begin at 22:30 or so.
[11/08/10 21:31] Jaco:hum?
[11/08/10 21:41] :Marvolo walk in and greets everyone present
[11/08/10 21:46] Tarquinus:Hail, Marvolo. Pardon me: I must meditate for a time.
[11/08/10 21:46] :Marvolo nods
[11/08/10 21:58] Letholdus:Hello Amoran White Service if I am correct?
[11/08/10 22:01] Letholdus:Yes. I am attending
[11/08/10 22:05] Seigheart:Hmmm
[11/08/10 22:06] Seigheart:I am curious about this new Profession system...
[11/08/10 22:06] Seigheart:Anyone care to explain it to me?
[11/08/10 22:07] Marvolo:Profession system?
[11/08/10 22:08] Marvolo:You mean the current Woodcutters?
[11/08/10 22:08] Seigheart:Woodcutters?
[11/08/10 22:08] Seigheart:Yes, of course. *smiles*
[11/08/10 22:08] :Lady Morwehn takes a sit by Letholdus
[11/08/10 22:09] Marvolo:Well, they are in a seperate guild (like pple are in alliances) and they have tools - with hose tools, they can get, in certain places, certain recources
[11/08/10 22:09] Marvolo:which are items
[11/08/10 22:09] Marvolo:Welcome Lady Morwehn
[11/08/10 22:10] :*Mya Celestia* quietly slips in and takes a seat
[11/08/10 22:10] Marvolo:Welcome, Mya
[11/08/10 22:10] :Lady Morwehn motions for My ato come sit with her
[11/08/10 22:11] :Lady Morwehn looks at Marvolo with curiouss eyes
[11/08/10 22:11] Seigheart:And these items, they produce by products?
[11/08/10 22:11] Marvolo:Produce by products? What do you mean with that?
[11/08/10 22:11] :*Mya Celestia* smiles and nods to Marvolo as she shifts closer to Morwen
[11/08/10 22:12] Marvolo:They create them cause of the items they have gotten (if that is what you mean?)
[11/08/10 22:12] Seigheart:Yes.
[11/08/10 22:12] Seigheart:What are the purpose of those items?
[11/08/10 22:12] :Letholdus looks around for Master Hitoshi, Looks disappointed and finds an empty seat
[11/08/10 22:13] Marvolo:gathering the recources
[11/08/10 22:13] Seigheart:If we have such an abbundance of resources now, then the market shall be flooded immensely with these.
[11/08/10 22:13] Seigheart:How will we destroy them?
[11/08/10 22:13] Marvolo:Time will tell
[11/08/10 22:13] Seigheart:As it is, creating items is incredibly tough as it is...
[11/08/10 22:13] :Letholdus next to Morwehn
[11/08/10 22:16] :Death Ray pokes Lady Morwehn
[11/08/10 22:17] :Marvolo raises an eyebrow at Death Ray
[11/08/10 22:17] :Lady Morwehn shuhs Ray & asks him to sit still near by
[11/08/10 22:17] Death Ray:hey Marv
[11/08/10 22:18] :Seigheart wonders at Death Ray's avatar...
[11/08/10 22:19] Letholdus:Yes I was wondering too it looks very..... *shudders* uhhh different.
[11/08/10 22:19] :Death Ray wonders why he's being stared at
[11/08/10 22:19] Lady Morwehn:v_v'
[11/08/10 22:20] :Marvolo chuckles
[11/08/10 22:20] Death Ray:i poke! so beware...
[11/08/10 22:20] :Lady Morwehn turns music up
[11/08/10 22:21] Amoran K Kol:Greetings *chuckles.*
[11/08/10 22:21] :Letholdus cough
[11/08/10 22:21] Amoran K Kol:'twill begin in ten minutes.
[11/08/10 22:21] :Marvolo waves at Ammo
[11/08/10 22:21] Lady Morwehn:^^
[11/08/10 22:21] Letholdus:Hello Amoran I cannot wait to listen to the service
[11/08/10 22:21] :Death Ray thinks about poking Amoran
[11/08/10 22:22] :Lady Morwehn throws Ray a Look
[11/08/10 22:22] :Lady Morwehn with her special eyes
[11/08/10 22:22] Letholdus:Like the commercial!
[11/08/10 22:22] :Death Ray laughs
[11/08/10 22:23] :*Mya Celestia* giggles
[11/08/10 22:23] :Death Ray thinks hes being flirted with
[11/08/10 22:23] :Amoran K Kol smiles.
[11/08/10 22:23] :Letholdus looks away embarrassed
[11/08/10 22:24] :Arcanus Daemon stands in a corner observing
[11/08/10 22:25] :Phear Wolf trots in, snifing the air
[11/08/10 22:25] Marvolo:Ooh! a Wolf
[11/08/10 22:26] :Marvolo throws it a little bone
[11/08/10 22:26] :Lady Morwehn pushes her hood up over her head & looks down in deep concentration
[11/08/10 22:26] Phear Wolf:dogs eat bones
[11/08/10 22:26] Phear Wolf: *evil grin* wolves eat meat
[11/08/10 22:26] :Death Ray pokes Morwehn and pretends he didnt do it
[11/08/10 22:27] Marvolo:Well... *looks into his bag* I fear I ran out of meat...
[11/08/10 22:27] :Seigheart runs around poking people with his Staff!
[11/08/10 22:27] Marvolo:stop it or I start poking with my dagger!
[11/08/10 22:28] Phear Wolf:no problem, I prefer huntin` *giggles*
[11/08/10 22:28] :Marvolo chuckles
[11/08/10 22:28] :Master Hitoshi walks in silently
[11/08/10 22:28] :Phear Wolf runs trying to bite Seigheart`s staff
[11/08/10 22:28] :Master Hitoshi sits down beside Leth
[11/08/10 22:29] :Seigheart pokes Phear Wolf in the muzzle with the Staff
[11/08/10 22:29] :Letholdus cuddles Hitoshi and is glad he made it
[11/08/10 22:29] :Phear Wolf stops and glares at the staff
[11/08/10 22:30] :Master Hitoshi smiles and holds him close
[11/08/10 22:30] Amoran K Kol:Hmm.. I shall return in a moment.
[11/08/10 22:31] :Letholdus Smiles
[11/08/10 22:32] Lady Morwehn:...
[11/08/10 22:32] Death Ray:...
[11/08/10 22:32] :Phear Wolf prepares to jump at the staff
[11/08/10 22:32] Lady Morwehn:you see whatcha all did?
[11/08/10 22:33] Lady Morwehn:T_T
[11/08/10 22:33] Letholdus:What did we do?
[11/08/10 22:33] Death Ray: *plays dead* x.x
[11/08/10 22:33] Lady Morwehn:it's service............ QUIET
[11/08/10 22:34] :Seigheart pokes the Wolf once more before turning around silently to watch the White Service...
[11/08/10 22:34] :Marvolo goes for a walk outside
[11/08/10 22:36] Amoran K Kol: (Sorry, had to check on that bug thing.. Mur is not paying attention it seems.)
[11/08/10 22:36] :Lady Morwehn listens
[11/08/10 22:36] :Marvolos Wolf Form runs back in
[11/08/10 22:38] :Death Ray falls asleep
[11/08/10 22:38] Lady Morwehn: *looks up at Amoran* ._.
[11/08/10 22:38] :Seigheart pokes Lady Morwehn right above her heart...
[11/08/10 22:38] :Letholdus pokes death ray repeatedly till he wakes up
[11/08/10 22:38] :Marvolos Wolf Form growls right in death rays face
[11/08/10 22:38] Death Ray: *grunts* Hmm?
[11/08/10 22:39] Lady Morwehn:v.v'
[11/08/10 22:39] :Amoran K Kol clears her throat and looks to Lucas.
[11/08/10 22:39] Amoran K Kol:Mn.. Very well then.
[11/08/10 22:39] Amoran K Kol:Let us begin.
[11/08/10 22:39] Seigheart:The crowd seems anxious.
[11/08/10 22:39] :Seigheart quiets down
[11/08/10 22:39] :Marvolos Wolf Form rolls up next to Amoran
[11/08/10 22:39] Amoran K Kol:The axis has shifted.
[11/08/10 22:39] :Phear Wolf stops and look at Kol
[11/08/10 22:39] Amoran K Kol:The world is returned unto balance.
[11/08/10 22:39] Amoran K Kol:Look to the skies.
[11/08/10 22:39] :Death Ray looks
[11/08/10 22:39] Amoran K Kol:Give thanks for Her return.
[11/08/10 22:39] Jaco:gz?
[11/08/10 22:40] Amoran K Kol:Great Goddess, the Children of the Eclipse welcome thee.
[11/08/10 22:40] :Windy calmly enters her pub to see a room full of people.
[11/08/10 22:40] :Amoran K Kol kneels and raises her palms, gazing up toward the ceiling of Wind's Sanctuary.
[11/08/10 22:40] Amoran K Kol:O friend and companion of night,
[11/08/10 22:40] Amoran K Kol:Thou who rejoicest in the baying of dogs and spilt blood,
[11/08/10 22:41] Windy:OO
[11/08/10 22:41] Amoran K Kol:Who wand'rest in the midst of shades among the tombs,
[11/08/10 22:41] Amoran K Kol:Who longest for blood and bringest terror to mortals,
[11/08/10 22:41] Amoran K Kol:Gorgo,
[11/08/10 22:41] Amoran K Kol:Mormo,
[11/08/10 22:41] Amoran K Kol:thousand-faced moon.
[11/08/10 22:41] :Seigheart pokes Windy with his staff, and mouthes the words "SHHHHHH."
[11/08/10 22:42] Amoran K Kol:look favourably on our sacrifices!
[11/08/10 22:42] :Windy glares at Seig
[11/08/10 22:42] :Amoran K Kol stares at the ceiling for a time, her skin lit with a pale white glow as her eyes light with rings of colored fire.
[11/08/10 22:42] :Seigheart smiles sweetly
[11/08/10 22:43] :Amoran K Kol slowly lowers her arms and carefully stands.
[11/08/10 22:43] :Amoran K Kol looks to the crowd, her skin's ominous glow flickering as she observes each and every face gathered.
[11/08/10 22:43] Amoran K Kol:What is strife?
[11/08/10 22:44] :Death Ray shrugs
[11/08/10 22:44] Amoran K Kol:A wall to leap over, or perhaps a hole to wallow in?
[11/08/10 22:44] Amoran K Kol:Strife is what you must face to become stronger, to grow.
[11/08/10 22:44] :Arcanus Daemon follows Amoran K Kol actions and speech with curiosity
[11/08/10 22:44] Amoran K Kol:What is patience?
[11/08/10 22:44] Amoran K Kol:A minor annoyance to be overlooked?
[11/08/10 22:44] Amoran K Kol:Perchance patience is what is needed most in this world.
[11/08/10 22:45] Amoran K Kol:Patience to pass tests, patience to overcome walls that stand in your way, patience to gain what is most needed.
[11/08/10 22:45] Amoran K Kol:What is knowledge?
[11/08/10 22:45] Amoran K Kol:A key, a forbidden fruit?
[11/08/10 22:45] Amoran K Kol:Knowledge means much here in this land. The price of knowledge is patience and strife.
[11/08/10 22:45] Amoran K Kol:Some cannot pass the tests of this world, but those that strive for more, who gather and drink knowledge as the only water source are victorious.
[11/08/10 22:46] Amoran K Kol:With strife comes strength, with patience comes reward, with knowledge comes growth.
[11/08/10 22:46] Amoran K Kol:The wind of this world will move us, be prepared and raise your eyes to the sky above.
[11/08/10 22:46] Amoran K Kol:She will guide you.
[11/08/10 22:46] :Phear Wolf shivers as he grins
[11/08/10 22:47] :Amoran K Kol smiles, kneeling once more- stretching her arms wide toward the crowd as she begins her prayer.
[11/08/10 22:48] Amoran K Kol:Our eyes
[11/08/10 22:48] Amoran K Kol:See only the phases
[11/08/10 22:48] Amoran K Kol:Though she is always full
[11/08/10 22:48] :Amoran K Kol pauses as her glow brightens in intensity and she remains as a beacon before those gathered.
[11/08/10 22:48] Amoran K Kol:Our hearts
[11/08/10 22:49] Amoran K Kol:See only the shadow
[11/08/10 22:49] Amoran K Kol:But her love is always here
[11/08/10 22:51] :[Spell] Moonlit Caress - Redd, Tarquinus, Laphers, Ailith, Arcanus Daemon, february, rexiel, *Mya Celestia*, Windy, Death Ray, Demonwulf, Ero, Eon, Jaco, Lady Morwen, Letholdus, Seigheart, Marvolos Wolf Form
[11/08/10 22:51] Amoran K Kol:Our minds
[11/08/10 22:51] Amoran K Kol:Reason it away
[11/08/10 22:51] Amoran K Kol:But her joy is always present
[11/08/10 22:51] Amoran K Kol:Our spirit
[11/08/10 22:51] Amoran K Kol:Knows without words
[11/08/10 22:51] Amoran K Kol:That the Goddess of the Moon is always near
[11/08/10 22:52] Amoran K Kol:O Lady of the Moon, in your full beauty
[11/08/10 22:52] Amoran K Kol:O Love of the Nymphaea, come into the light that casts no shadow
[11/08/10 22:52] Amoran K Kol:O Joy of the Winderwild, overflow our cup of reason with your wine
[11/08/10 22:52] Amoran K Kol:O Goddess, fill us,
[11/08/10 22:52] Amoran K Kol:fill us with your knowing
[11/08/10 22:52] Amoran K Kol:That our hearts may again rejoice
[11/08/10 22:53] Amoran K Kol:Our eyes may once again be filled
[11/08/10 22:53] Amoran K Kol:Our reason overcome Spirits abounding In You.
[11/08/10 22:53] :Amoran K Kol grows quiet after a time and lowers her arms, a peacefuls mile shown on her features.
[11/08/10 22:53] Amoran K Kol:Children of the Eclipse and people of MagicDuel: the Goddess has heard your prayers.
[11/08/10 22:54] Amoran K Kol:Go now in ferocity and cunning, in stealth and in silence, and find victory.
[11/08/10 22:54] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Lady Morwehn
[11/08/10 22:54] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Letholdus
[11/08/10 22:54] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Redd
[11/08/10 22:54] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Laphers
[11/08/10 22:54] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Ailith
[11/08/10 22:55] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Arcanus Daemon
[11/08/10 22:55] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - february
[11/08/10 22:55] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - rexiel
[11/08/10 22:55] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - *Mya Celestia*
[11/08/10 22:55] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Windy
[11/08/10 22:56] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Accurser
[11/08/10 22:56] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Death Ray
[11/08/10 22:56] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Demonwulf
[11/08/10 22:56] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Eon
[11/08/10 22:56] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Jaco
[11/08/10 22:56] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Lifeline
[11/08/10 22:57] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Marvolos Wolf Form
[11/08/10 22:57] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Phear Wolf
[11/08/10 22:57] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Ratsplat
[11/08/10 22:57] Windy:Bar is open.
[11/08/10 22:57] :[Spell] Silver Laurels - Seigheart
[11/08/10 22:58] :Seigheart pokes Windy with his staff for interupting the blessings!
[11/08/10 22:58] :[Spell] A Touch of Pale Fire - shefs
[11/08/10 22:58] :Windy pokes back
[11/08/10 22:58] Amoran K Kol: *bows.* I should hope you all enjoyed the service.
[11/08/10 22:58] :Marvolos Wolf Form howls
[11/08/10 22:58] Windy:Thank you, Ammy.
[11/08/10 22:58] :Phear Wolf Howls
[11/08/10 22:58] :Death Ray pokes himself to make sure he's not dreaming
[11/08/10 22:59] Death Ray:I did!
[11/08/10 22:59] :Windy pours herself a tankard of ale and swigs it down
[11/08/10 22:59] Ailith:Thank you, Amoran
[11/08/10 22:59] Amoran K Kol: *smiles.* Thank you all for attending, and no, thank you Windy.
[11/08/10 22:59] Accurser:Thank you
[11/08/10 22:59] :Marvolos Wolf Form twitches his ears when he hears Ailiths voice
[11/08/10 22:59] :Lady Morwehn nods & thanks AMoran while using her hankershif
[11/08/10 22:59] Demonwulf: *Sigh* Howling is over-rated. It was a good ceremony Amoran
[11/08/10 23:00] Letholdus:Thank you Amoran. I have learned much this day.
[11/08/10 23:00] :Arcanus Daemon silently leaves, following the shadowy places, near the walls
[11/08/10 23:00] Lady Morwehn:thank you I've never been to such a beautiful service before
[11/08/10 23:00] Ratsplat:My skin feels slightly more resistant to the sun now, thanks
[11/08/10 23:01] :Ailith points her spellcasting finger at Amoran and grins
[11/08/10 23:01] :[Spell] Here Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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