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Curi's Corner.

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I just figured that since I am part of the Alliance.. and also new to the game, my talents aren't that well known.

One thing you should learn:

1. If you don't enjoy profanity, I apologize. Some works as you may stumble upon the line [I don't think I have anything on there with any as of now...]may have cursing, or harsh language.

2. I have -no- filter when I create my characters. Meaning, I go on wild rants of things that I personally believe, and if you don't believe some of these ideas [i.e. my slight distaste for religion and religious aspsects...] are something of your taste, then once more, that is fine. I am not posting this to make a fan club, I am posting this for the entertainment of the people while on this forum.

3. I am more than OPEN to criticism and different viewpoints. If you wish to argue a point in my writings, then by all means, do so. But I demand of only one thing, and that is to speak to me privately about the issue.

4. Lastly, I do not take without giving. If you have pieces you would like to share, then by all means, show me your work.

I will edit this from time to time, namely the link that I will post which has a majority of my works. Many are incomplete, but will be finished as time does come. I will post when the page itself has been edited, and when a specific work has been added on, or changed.



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Curi's Corner Update:

Added "Gunshot Lobotomy*" 9/21/10

*This story was one spoken by Kyphis at Story Night.
Again, if you have questions feel free to ask them but I can't promise that I'll be all too easy with it. I won't accept nosy little buggers getting into my personal life just because they can.

However, I do believe all is said and answered.

Thank you.

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Curi's Corner Update:

Added "Cretin" 10/8/10


*This story is particular in the sense that for those who do happen to read this, I would prefer that they [b]PM[/b] their responses/thoughts/questions/answers, etc to me.

I am interested to see what people think of this particular piece, for I think it is one of the better pieces I have written, including the fact I find it interesting to see how people perceive what is happening throughout the story.

Thank you for your input.

Curiose. Edited by Curiose

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Curi Corner Update:

Added: "Invisible"* 11/21/10

Added: "Like You" 12/16/10

*Please do not read Invisible if you plan on participating in Standing on the Literary Shoreline Quest.


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Woah! It's been forever since I've updated this.

I'm going to put the stuff that I have on there currently, then Imma add more of my later works.


Curi has added:

Untitled [1]

Bumble Bee


Just Kidding

Ladi Da

[Trigger Warning] Piacevole

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