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The Sentry.

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It's in its rough stages. Myself and a few others have been picking at it, and I think it's been developed enough to have what's been decided posted up here so far so that others can dissect it, and comment.

Out of boredom, since no fights were taken place on the.. 24th, I believe, I wrote this, and decided to make it a creature for the game. http://decrepitschaine.livejournal.com/4961.html

-The stats for it, I believe will just be the generic healer stats [I've not played this game long enough to deal with the numbers just yet.]
-It will be a healer, however, for strategic purposes, people can choose for this creature to protect another, and have all damage dealt to it so as to preserve their strongest creature. This, thus gives them an extra round, or multiple rounds, depending, to win their fight.
-There is a cap on how many you can have, and that will be three. It has another ability to gain strength from having more than one Sentry in your party [I think that ability will be available for when it upgrades to its third level, not sure yet.]

There still needs to be some work done, and I will get a visual for it once I am able. Thank you for your comments and critiquing.

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