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Wtg (Want To Get, Cz I'd Rather It Isn't Wtb)


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Ummmm... i want a TS 0 age 0 tokens i don't mind, but here's the thing I'd rather not pay for it, so this will last i dnt know how much, just post the TS with age and tokens (if any) and the price, i will alert you if i reject a price, if i do not, it means that it is being considered with all the others and thank you

EDIT: give ur offers via forum here and not PM

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basically you want someone to get you a TS from where they are kept and then offer you a price for it? but you don't want to pay for it which would kinda mean you don't plan to spend any money....or am i getting that wrong?

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your both right, cz i had a few friends who once said they'd give me one, so if they would see this, i would get it for free, and if that's not the case, I'd take it for the lowest price possible... anyway i already got one thx anyway for all who gave me offers

Mods, plz close this post.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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