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The Seekers Of Enlightenment New Ideology

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The previous alliance was a research based alliance, But the issue was that it was partially based on the "old" Lore.

With this new change the alliance will be reformed in the ideaology that Mur suggested to us all those days ago.

Page 472 [2009-05-18 05:32:40 - The Traveler]
Apparently without any relation to what happened in Necrovion, Liberty and Chewett gather in a secret meeting at Angien's Shrine. Something is going on with the Egg, or maybe new plans start to be made, few know. Some with a wilder imagination already see the similarities between a floating egg that has been there since the beginning of time and a mysterious floating orb in Necrovion, but is it just foggy thoughts, or is it really something related...
Page 473 [2009-05-19 02:27:49 - The Traveler]
The egg becomes darker and darker and also heavier or at least looks so because its closer to the ground than before. With a strange feeling of admiration Liberty kneels in front of the Egg. Chewett consideres the scene a bit disgusting as the slime on the egg starts to drop on the ground, but slowly a powerfull respect feeling floods his heart and makes him see the egg with different eyes.

Any questions, Help, applications to join shall go to me.

This is not an alliance for casual players who want some nice stats. if you want to join you shall learn terrible secrets, but, we wont show you these, you will find them yourself.

The answer to all your questions will not be laid out, but the path will be shown, you only need to walk it.

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