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I said I won't summarize the file, but it involves much of work, and this is all I managed to gather so far, without 'unimportant' details, but again, that is how general history books are (except the ones who research specific periods of history), considering this is the first file of this kind in this realm.
Well I hope it helps.

Cause I would have to upload lots of things if I make it as a post, I'll just upload my microsoft word document here for all to see. (if anyone can make the same one as a forum post without the making downloadable attachments, it would be great! :blink:)

[attachment=1561:About Loreroot.doc]

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when downloading it, press "open with Word Pad" so you can see the pictures!

(forum doesn't let me upload microsoft word document, so I had to do it with word pad) Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen

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