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Shattered Illusions Quest

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Well...it is over. Several players solved it and I am pleased with the amount of players who tried it.
However there are some issues.
First:2 of the players cheated. One of them did not finished the quest in the end (faith?). I have no problem with cheating on quests but if I find out you did then...you're banned from my quests ;). Fair enough I might say.
Tanksfan (aka caster masc) do you recognize this? :D
As I said...I am not mad or angry but you will not be able to participate in my quests anymore. If you make alts and I don't find out your luck but what good would that do to you?
For the second one I cannot prove that s/he cheated (my fault for not asking supplementary questions) but thanks to her/him and someone else I found a flaw to my system.From now on that person is banned from my quests also. But I doubt she/he will try again.

I still have some WPs left so I will put up a new quest as soon as I get ride of my laziness.
Congratz to the winners. Better luck for the ones that did not solved it. Congratz to the cheater that managed to fool me and shame on the one I spotted.

Oh...and if I have time, I will put here the solution of the quest.

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This is the isssue about any riddle based quests, People can cheat.

I really despise people who stood this low to do something like this, If you have to cheat to do a quest you do not deserve the reward.

There will always be people low enough that will cheat to get the reward.

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