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Lecture On Md

Guest Sandal Mechanic

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Guest Sandal Mechanic

Many of you do not know me, For that i do not care.

Yet if you do not know who i am please come if intrested.

I will be talking about Magicduel, The Internet, Psychology, and everything related to MD. Please i welcome everyone to come for i believe that there will also be a *special* guest coming for the end. I wouldnt recommend missing this.

It will be on Monday the 17th and i wish for anyone who can attend, attend.

It will be something that will be intresting that anyone will learn from.

Sandal Mechanic

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Guest Sandal Mechanic

a noob may seem a noob but not be a noob

This lecture is tommrow, For all those who are intrested please come. Otherwise continue to insult me by calling me a noob *glares at chewit*

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Guest Sandal Mechanic

well if you did read the topic (ironic a mod eh?) you would see pamplemousse did post the time

But i will re-write it for anyone who cant read properly

This is tonight at 2100 Server time. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome.

also can someone put something in that little box please

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