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The Alliance List

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USE: http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/List_Of_Alliances

[b][u]Golemus Golemicarum[/u][/b] - Yrthilian

Leader: MRWander
Second in Command: MRHoly (?)

(MRD is the TRUE leader, but he has appointd MRWander as leader of the alliance)

[b]Guerilla Golemicarum[/b]
Leader: *Burns*, Grido, Metal Bunny

[b]Kelle'Tha Order[/b]
Leader: Akasha
Influential Member: Shadowseeker

[b]Lair Keepers[/b]
Leader: *Indyra*

[b][u]Necrovion[/u][/b] - Jester

[b]Necrovion Sentinels[/b]
Leader: Peace

[b]Tainted Warriors[/b]
Leader: Azull

[u][b]Loreroot[/b][/u] - Firsanthalas

[b]Guardians of the Root[/b]
Leader: Firsanthalas
Second in Command: *Mya Celestia*

[b]Children of the Eclipse[/b]
Military Leader: Tarquinus
Sibyl: Amoran, Dark Mystic

Leader: Kragel, Udgard

[b]The Woodcutters Guild[/b]
Head: Laphers

[u][b]Marinds Bell[/b][/u] - None

[b]Seekers of Enlightenment[/b]
Leader: Chewett

[b]Knights of Bell[/b]
Leader: Lightsage

[u][b]Magic Duel Archives[/b][/u]

Currently Leaderless
Members: Innocence, Rendril Revant

[b]Legend Speakers[/b]
Leader: Fryd Argentus


[b]Shattered Illusions[/b]
Leader: dst


Leader: BFH Lightning

[b]Seal of Six[/b]
Leader: Ailith

Leader: Phantasm

[b]Soldiers of the Inner Sun[/b]
Leader: Muratus del Mur


Change Log

v.1 - Moved the list from the old board to this new one, and it was pinned. Also updated the leader list. Someone please remind me when this gets out of date, and I'll promptly update it. Also, if I have time, I'll write descriptions below the alliance, stating its purpose. If someone would like to write it for their alliance, they are welcome to do so. Just post it here, and I'll add it in.

v.2 - Changed three leaders/second in commands (Ibruzu SIC, Brady SIC, Memory no question)

v.3 - Changed leaders (Jester, Ailith) added Tribunal and Seal of Six (leader Granos)

v.4 - Updated some things.

v.5 .Udgard. now is leader, and .Kragel. is second in command.

v.6 Artisan's Guild, removed.

v.7 various updates. Added Tainted Warriors.

v.8 Lots of changes. Added Woodcutters, removed DS and Advertisers.

v.9 Advertisers added again, Jester now leader of Tainted Warriors. Lifeline removed from Kingship.

Awi Edited by awiiya

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ibruzu is second in command of gotr
i am not sure for coe, but there is somebody be it amoran, karak or luna
as for advertisers, memory has a way highest loyalty in there, hmm so its most likely him, before i thought its envy

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Because I tend to like to wait until things become stable, I won't change the leader of GG just yet.

If Peace keeps it for a few weeks, or for good, I will change it.


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Children of the Eclipse: Military leader is Tarquinus. Second-in-command is shared by Karak (Captain of the Full Moon) and Sparrhawk (Captain of the Half Moon). The [u]true[/u] leader of the Eclipse is the Sibyl, Dark Mystic.

I don't know if this information is helpful or just adds clutter. Do with it what you will.

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DS - Shoeps is loyalty leader

Archies - Inno is loyalty leader

KoB - Observer is loyalty leader

SoE - Lifeline is loyalty leader

Sentinels - Ailith is loyalty leader

GG - Burns is loyalty leader

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Necrovion Sentinels - Leader is Lazarus (Not sure if he's staying leader)
Savelites Church - Brady isn't in it anymore
Archivists - Rendril isn't in it anymore (Not sure if he's going back or not) Edited by Pipstickz

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cos it's been most of a year since it was updated last :P

Necrovion all change, Advertisers, Dimension Shifters no longer exist, Savelites leadership change

pretty sure Chew is the head of SoE now, SoS doesn't have Granos anymore, it's Ailith i believe

can't think of anything else different, lots of changes in a year though

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