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Odes to the departed

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So when these two left i made them a little ode...they came back but basically if an enemy or Kith/Kin leaves the game (whether they come back later or not)...an Ode is due:

Dst, Bob's greatest enemy
you called him every name you could think of
A great arch nemesis to me
and all of those who guard Bob

You said he should be termite ridden
you said he should have died
you had support from those well hidden
and those who always lied

To DST, the (wo!)man of the hour
The one who made us fight
Be well my greatest enemy
we move on to our latest plight!


Tzaroth was a man of respect
and carried with him intellect
that drove him to the places where
of his talents we became aware

Swiftly his reputation grew
the divide inside not one of us knew
and then it erupted for all to see
but we stood fast and did not flee

by Khalazdad's aide he felt complete
and slumbering at the plains of deciet
his aura there will always be
I pay my dues respectfully.

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