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New Head Contest Rules


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[quote name='Chewett' post='21078' date='Nov 30 2008, 10:41 PM']this will only be used for people hiding in the areas that other people cannot access.

if you are abiding by the rules then it will not effect you.

this has only been implemented because people where breaking the rules.[/quote]
Show me where in the rules it says you cannot be somewhere please.

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This are some of the rules (if you want rules):
During heads competition, players that are away on distant lands such as Golemus, and take advantage of that to increase their heads score, will get heavily penalised.. RPC's are requested to immediatly return such players to nomans land and report such player activity.. Current areas where this rule applies: Golemus Golemicarum, deep levels of Necrovion, Loreroot and Marinds Bell islands, Passage of war. All other areas are allowed as hiding places during the competition.
BUT: there are no rules when it comes to using the sendtogazebo spell :P:P:P

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That's the point, it's NOT in the rules^^
You can run ANYWHERE you want, and you won't face any serious troubles for doing so =)

But if you consider the position of the average player who can't enter necrovion and golemus, parts of the Archives and many other locations i'm not going to tell you becasue of their spoiler nature, it would be unfair to the normal players if those certain few who can leave the normal map and hide in necro, golemus and so on, get points there without the trouble of battling...
that was why the new rule was implemented xD

you can still hide whereever you want to, but you must now fear that dst or shoeps (who both can tell where you are when seeing your coordinates...NO MATTER WHERE, they know every location^^) come around and shu you out from there back to the 'normal' playground =D
remember, the contest is unfair =P

but i think it's fairer now...seeing lib won the contest because he/she (shame on me, i still don't know xD) got into a location nearly nobody can enter and got score there...

EDIT: damn, dst was faster with copy and paste than me... you can see the rules up there, i'll delete them from here... :P

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