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Yami no Sakura

You know you've been on MD too much when...

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You actually think that you can delete an email/text before the other person sees it.


(That one has probably been said some where... but I am too lazy to go through it all to see).


Wish that spicy pickles gives you enough energy (ap) to get through the day.


(If a spicy pickle give ap in MD... I can only imagine what coffee or energy drinks would do if added to MD. Mmmm expresso)

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You know you've been on MD too much, when you can no longer tell if the Person controls the Player, if the Player controls the Person, what the difference between the two is anymore, and define your own "Research" in and out of MD as one of many truths.

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When you see a shadowy creature get killed/vanquished in a tv show and your roommate says, "No it is not the tainted ones."


When you dress up as your character. I actually wore a belly dancing outfit to the Renascence Festival.


When you worry about MD stuff more than rl stuff.


When a friend you have not seen in a while asks "How is life doing?" and then asks, "How the game is going?"


When friends and family try getting you addicted to other games but fail.


When your desk is cluttered with MD related things.


When some people at work even know about md.

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You're at work (or home, or anywhere with a toilet, really) and you REALLY need to go.

You get there and think "thank goodness no one is in there".

You then stop for a few seconds to imagine what you'd have done if No one *actually was* in there.

You dismiss the thought after some time, allowing normality to slowly creep back in: "What the *beep*?"


(edit - no thrashing, it actually happened... as in, 1 hour ago :p)

Edited by Myth

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