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Deserted RPCs characters

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Well since i guess i caused this debate i guess i'd better stick my 2 cents into it :P

Personally i have no problem with my previous character being used in any way that Mur see's fit. He granted me the role to play and can use it in any way that he wants after i am gone. i reset the accounts so that no one would get the exact skills and creatures i had built up after all my time playing the game. I did this being fully aware that Mur can change the skill levels of characters and could restore Wodin to whatever power level he felt that Wodin needed to fulfill his role.

I actually like his idea on what he has done with the Wodin character, i works well for the situation. I am not really sure how well it would work in other circumstances but for this particular one it fits very well. I had integrated my own personality into what i felt that Mur wanted from the role and all future "wodin's" should do the same. Do not try any play the character as i played it, integrate your own personality into it. It is a great role to play and is very rewarding.

I do still play the game but only as an observer. Those of u who know me well know who i am in the game. I have made some excellent friends in this game and love coming in and chatting to them. I also love the adventure log, as long as this game exists (and i really hope that is a very long time) i will be around in some shape or form.

Good look to all in the festival and remember.... i'm invisible :P

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