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What is Wiiya to you?

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Wiiya is something that is important in MD and in time will become more important. The question is, why is it important?

This quest, which will run for a month or until an undetermined number of submissions have been received,

In this post you should reply with a submission of up to 1000 words which explain what you think Wiiya is both to you and MD. Expanding on its importance and how it fits within MD's lore.

The answers can reference other knowledge, other answers or be exceptionally personal to you. Please post all answers on this thread.

Others are welcome to ask questions of your reply, which you are also allowed to answer. Any answers to questions put to you will not count in the 1000 words but will be judged as an appendix to your post.


The winner of this quest, Judged by myself and Mur (if time allows), will be given 1 Wishpoint and 5 gold coins. In addition to spend the time working with me on the new Wiiya related plans.

Other good points, replies and others will receive various rewards at my discretion. In addition those asking good questions of each other will also little somethings. (maybe even Wiiya itself!)

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It is food for my ever constipated, leaking, smelly and exfoliating pimps. And they are starving and constantly singing their lament... 

"Bring it back, bring it back, don't take it away from me, because you don't know.. what it means to me."

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Wiiya, as a resource, has always been described as representing Identity. This is shown in a few different ways:

  • The resource is eponymous, it is a symbol of someone who used to frequent here, a recognition and remembrance of who they were and their role, even if the specific memories fade.
  • The rituals surrounding the gathering of Wiiya have always been accompanied with discussions, stories and the creation of memories. Many say that we are the result of our memories and our past, perhaps this is more true in MD.
  • The use of Wiiya is about granting or shifting identities, specifically of creatures. The transformation and growth through the resource is not just for creatures though, the sharing of our thoughts transforms us.

Awiiya made a powerful statement about how the realm seemed to have disregarded the importance of a lot of things, and how it felt like people could no longer make that same impact, but how he himself had managed to become a landmark in MD. I can't say how true this is, but it's hard to disagree with part of that sentiment. Awiiya, despite their absence, is still here with us in many ways, from the scenes that honour him up and the tools that memorialise him. Throughout this month, people will be discussing a resource inspired by someone that lived within these realms, new ways of sparking life into it, and perhaps talking about all the old legends and legacies that people might have forgotten about. 

It would be a sort of poetic justice for such a resource so deeply rooted in the creation of legend to allow others to set out on creating their own. It already is, in some ways. We see how Rophs has based his current role on the seedwalks that take place, invigorating life within MD, even if there is some criticism coming from some about the absences in this role. There was a time, years ago, when events like this were not important to the people who. in a way, live here. Now, even with the community still going strong in some ways, we are not as connected as we used to be. It's easy to mistake MD for something dead when walking around, in a way that wasn't possible in the times when I frequented it more.

What brought me back to MD and made me linger for this long rather than turning my back once more was finding the people here, old-new people folk. The birthday event was powerful in a way that I didn't expect. It brought back so much, and made me realise all over again that MD, despite where I live physically, despite my flag being the one for Portugal, I know that MD will always, always be my home, a significant part of my identity and who I became. It's not something I discuss with people I know out of the realms, but it's something that I feel, and something that I think others might feel when they consider who they are to some extent.

So, one thing I can say for certain is that Wiiya is a symbol of identity, the sharing of identity and a way of granting identity. Any purpose that it is given to the resource and the gathering of the resource should always be closely related to identity. Perhaps nothing so shallow as the creation and transformation of creatures, but instead something far deeper, like the creation of ourselves and who we are in the realms, a way of keeping our most important stories alive so that others can see that this is a place in which people lived, and still do live.

Whatever changes come, I beg that whoever decides what these changes are, that they make them something which transforms how we see MD and ourselves within it, as well as the experience of newcomers and old visitors.

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As per ann. 4017 "Fenth are matter stripped by everything else, Heat is energy, power stripped by any identity (pure), Wiiya is identity stripped of matter and energy".

I see Wiiya as the product of fermentation of living matter, its gas being like the distillation of its owner's identity.

Curiously, the Wiiya I have in my possession is meant as a gift but I still have to figure out who'll get it.

So in this case it seems quite matter without an identity :-D

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Wiiya is identity in its pure form, like the others already said. I see it as some kind of "mind" aspect (with fenths being "body" and heat something like "blood"). It's as hard to describe as the concept of identity itself.


Awiiya demonstrated this idea masterfully when, even after being stripped of his creatures, items, stats -- almost everything that defines us game mechanic-wise -- he remained this insanely strong identity of a character. He ended up becoming "a wiiya". The great thing about him, though, is that he managed to strengthen our own identities as we talked to him. That's some amazing power to me, like he was able to adapt to the person (identity) that was addressing him at the time. That's kind of how I see Wiiya...


I think what Wiiya as a concept represents  in MD is bigger than the identity of an individual. It's like it contains every single possible representation of identity in MD's lifespan (even the ones that still weren't conceived). "A wiiya" might take form of any specific identity when needed.



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As with the description of Aelis, and with respect to those who did answer afore him, I believe there to be no true equivalent within the English language to describe wiiya. Yet, with observation of its properties, one may hopefully conceptualise of it.

"Identity" were the word that Mur chooses to use in his announcement - I believe this to be the same concept of of "identity" as he describes within the Timeless Shot spell (https://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=samplespell) - this were not the same as the usual "identity" as it were commonly used in the English language; rather, some distilled portion of its meaning. I contend that this distilled portion were also present in concepts of "potential", or "will", or of "information" or "structure"; even "change" or "augmentation", each a more appropriate term in each functional concept, as here I do illustrate in several observations.

The first observation: Wiiya is obtained from Wiiya bubbles, as collected during Seedwalks. During these seedwalks, one offers of various types of information to different trees, in different manners; each then yielding of some Wiiya in response. It may be that the process of transforming a thought into words, then being understood by a tree - a very different form - distills this information; offered back to us as a bubble of pure Wiiya.

The second observation: Wiiya may be consumed by Grasans (among others); that which they do yield of that which their name doth imply. The Exfoliating Grasan, in example, doth appear as any other Grasan until it were exposed to Wiiya; that which impresses upon this creature and willed to create of its byproduct of Skin. In this concept, while "identity" were appropriate, I contend the meaning were closer to that of "impression" or even "accentuation" - in this example, it turns a Grasan that were exfoliating as any other, into one which doth create solely of Skin.

The third observation: The presence and distribution within this realm; and its eponymous name. One finds this in abundance at Awiiya's Way, for which Wiiya is named. Awiiya was a philosopher, a friend, and a man who became a tree; in doing so; he became quite the example of what Wiiya may enable - a change in one's form consistent with one's will. Awiiya willed himself to become a tree - and through will alone did become it; a change in his identity; a realisation of his potential.

Wiiya to the realm must be all of these things; if I were to choose a single descriptor; it would be distilled (or "filtered") change, in its pure form, much in the way that Fenths are distilled matter.

I envision, then, that Wiiya must have other applications within the realm that were not yet implemented; in example, sufficient change may be required to a scene to unlock of passage to another; a tree's interlocked branches may instead form a passageway. Some creatures may require some Wiiya to ascend to another form which were previously beyond reach (such that parallels the mutation from an Angien to a Tainted Angien or Drachorn to Wind Drachorn).

As much of the realm has potential to be mutable, endless possibilities do await, if I am correct in analysis, and conjecture.

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Wiiya is probably that part of Awiiya that can be only understood by a certain sect of creatures (keeping in mind awiiya's complex behaviour and thoughts). Since grasans are mindless beings, they find it hard to deal with the presence of the gas and probably cannot tolerate it's presence :P. Those that try to get rid of it by inhaling, get flatulence and fart toxic gas or get constipated to release ferment. Those that try not to Inhale it get a cutaneous allergic reaction and shed skin rapidly. A very few section of grasans, like the microbes resistant to antibiotics, avoid the horrible side effects by converting it into more fat and shedding it. They are the ones, who despite being mentally challenged, who have survived as the fittest genotype amongst other grasans.

Awiiya's thought process is probably so complex (seeing the designs of the items used to harvest it) that even though it is not toxic to other creatures like the players in MD, we still need it to go through mindless creatures like grasans for it to break down into simpler forms and for us to enjoy its benefits.

Says a great deal about what awiiya. :3

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