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Design your own animated Golem

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Design your own animated Golem


Following on from my recent research topic, I offer the following challenge:

I would like you to design and create a Golem of your own. Use your imagination and skills to show the realm your wizardry by animating that which would not normally naturally move.



1)     The golem must have a recognizable human shape


2)     The size, materials used and method of energy is entirely at your discretion


3)     The golem must have some manner of animation of its own volition for at least 10 seconds


4)     The evidence for the animation must be in the form of a video clip


5)     Please provide a picture of the core components as evidence


6)     Somewhere in both pieces of evidence must be your MD name and the date



Participants will be rewarded appropriately to reflect the time and effort it takes to complete their entry.

As this quest has no end date, I would like to request this quest be pinned in some way to give participants plenty of time to think of, and create their entries.

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The word animation is only used here with regards to the movement of a real life figure, no drawings involved :)

Please note: robotic is a word Nimrodel used, not me. Please animate your golems in any way your ingenuity leads you to!



Edited by Josephine

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33 minutes ago, ignnus said:

I see, i'll get to it right away. My two thoughts were battery power or banana milk. I should think of those and post a pic of them.

:) ignnus, please read the initial post thoroughly before submitting your next video. I would hate to see you waste your time over this.

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Aelis, you have not only fulfilled the brief entirely but come up with a very unique solution to the challenge of animating something inanimate.

You have been awarded a wishpoint, thank you.


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My golems love to spin & dance! 💃

Spinning Golem #1 [Water energy]
I reused the plastic bottles & straws at my first attempt. Water is life.


a1) Core components
a2) Final Design
a3) Video


Spinning Golem #2 [Electromagnetic energy]
After that I got another idea, I made a simple motor with neodymium magnets, battery & copper wire, and sculpted the form with t
in foil paper. Now the golem can dance so much better.


b1) Core components
b2) Testing & finding the right shape, thickness, speed and balance...
b3) The body parts> materials & texture
b4) Final Design~ Yay!
b5) Video


Thank you for watching ! 😊

Edited by Sushi

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