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    • By Muratus del Mur
      This is an other _PERMANENT_ quest.
      Its purpose is to motivate you to build stuff, not just virtual but actually create things with your hands, use your imagination and dexterity and so on.
      A permanent quest is designed as a way to provide a constant and guarateed flow of rewards. While they are simple to do and have high rewards, permanent quests can be done only once per player. This is intended to motivate a player to complete all permanent quests and also to give equal chances to all players to aquire certain things that should be rare but still available (like drachs and wishpoints).
      This one is based on "Drach's Fall" quest initially created by Burns. It is basically an official version of that same quest, with his approval, but with small changes so it fits with a permanent quest.
      What to do?
      Build a Drachorn out of anythig you can imagine, from paper to stones or potatoes..even mud, doesn't matter what you build your drach from, as long as it looks like a Drachorn and its 3D. Drawings of a drach are unacceptable, it needs to be an actual 3d construction.
      View pictures from Burns Drach's Fall contest: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/gallery/album/282-drachorns-fall/
      (IMPORTANT: These example pics are from the initial contest, read below what you need to write on the note next to the drach)
      Judging of reward
      Try not to repeat ideas others used, If i see the same idea repeated too much i might void your entry. Try to be creative and original, regardless what comes out, its more important to be yourself than to copy others. From time to time, the best entries might be selected for an additional award. Keep in mind you can participate ONLY ONCE, so do your best!
      What next once done?
      Once done, make 3 pictures of your creation, one of your hands must be seen in the picture and a put a note with "MD, playername, year" written on it, next to your drach. Post it here, state what reward option you are aiming for. If your drach is original and acceptable in terms of "build quality", you are granted your reward, no contest! It might take several days for your reward to be given, maybe a month, maybe same day, but as long as your entry is posted here public, it will be.
      Reward option 1)
      1 Wishpoint from me, ranked from 4 to 8 depending on how cool and well done i consider your creation to be made. 
      Reward option 2)
      two wish codes so you can award two wishpoints for your quests.
      Reward option 3)
      A fresh drach egg
      Good luck
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